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Ehline Law Firm PC has maintained offices in Santa Monica for over ten (10) years. During this period, our driven and knightly advocates have conscientiously assisted thousands of personal injury victims just like you in getting the maximum compensation under the law.   As can be seen by our proven outcomes here, we have the facts to back up what we claim. In fact, many of our clients are return customers, or were referred to us by other happy individuals we have represented in the past.

A “down and out” individual needs the positive, and inspiring leadership that only a truly brilliant and magnificent counselor can bring. We strive hard to bring our A+ game, and dynamism that has helped us build a reputation that we feel is second to none in the legal and victim’s communities alike. That’s Ehline Law Firm PC. An earned reputation for making it happen. That’s the Ehline difference.



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 Free Consultation Over the Phone

The fact we are nearby means it is easy for you to make a “no cost to you” appointment right over the telephone, and get service today. When you are ready, we are willing to bring or vast knowledge, experience and legal skills to work for you. Let us educate you as to the potential strengths and weaknesses of your potential case, and get you educated so you are fully informed about the upside, as well as the downside. Make that free phone call now at 888.400.9721. Don’t delay! Get the strength of a reputable firm by your side before giving statements to anyone, especially insurance companies.

 What Else Does Ehline Law Do Right Now for You?

In addition to the free case assessment, below is a checklist of what we offer you free of charge right now to earn your trust and friendship:

  • No Recovery No Fee Promise: When you are down and out, you don’t need the risk of out-of-pocket costs to pursue a potential lawsuit. The arrangement we have is to never take an up front fee and to advance costs on the injury claims we believe in and accept. In fact, we never take an up front attorney’s fee, and we never recover a fee unless we get you compensation. We don’t get our advanced costs back until the case is over.
  • Help You Find a Good “Lien” Doctor: Sometimes victims don’t have insurance, or the insurance they do have won’t cover the out-of-pocket services they need. If that happens, we are able to assist them in locating reputable doctors and care providers who are willing to get paid upon conclusion of the matter. These are also known as “lien doctors.” This means the doctor has a lien on the proceeds of your case and agrees to be paid at a later date.
  • We Come to You If Necessary: We understand you may be without a car, or simply unable to get here. Our promise includes coming to your house, office, or hospital room. Whatever it takes, we are willing to jump through hoops to earn your business.
  • Handle Your Property Damage Claim for No Cost: No victim should have to deal with the at fault person’s insurance company. Victims have no experience in this, and they don’t need the hassle and frustration and should be left alone to heal. Playing the back and forth games that insurance companies are famous for requires an experienced player. That is where we come in so you are not stuck playing the insurance company run-around.  Also, some law firms actually try and take a percentage of what they recover for your vehicle and other property destruction or loss emanating from your mishap. Not true with us. As a complimentary gift to you, when we sign up your case, our services include vigorously fighting to get you top-dollar for car, or other tangible items. We also communicate with the insurance company to help get deductible covered, as well as reimbursing you for lost income from “loss of use,” and/or rental car costs.

When Should I Retain a Santa Monica Lawyer?

When to retain counsel depends upon how bad you were injured, and when you were injured. You may be mired in phone battles with evasive insurance adjustors, and at your wits end. You may have thrown up your hands and feel like giving up. But education is a powerful thing. For example, if your damages are less than $7,500.00, you may be better off filing your lawsuit in small claims court.  If you suffered a fatality in your family from someone else’s negligence, like a brain injury, for example, you’ll need to retain a personal injury lawyer sooner than later! The fact of the matter is that you should call a lawyer before doing anything besides receiving proper medical care.

 Common Santa Monica Accidents We Help With

The many ways a victim can be hurt by negligence in Santa Monica are many and varied. You can be walking along the Third Street Promenade and slip and fall, a driver can run a light and hit you in the crosswalk.

These accidents include a variety of situations, the most common as follows:

  • Bicycle Accidents: Such as when you are riding in the bicycle lane and a taxi cab, or passenger vehicle opens its door on you, or veers into the bike lane;
  • Pedestrian: These unfortunate fact patterns include cross-walk incidents such as hit and run cross walk accidents, etc.;
  • Motorcycle Crash: Can include being thrown from a bike by an unrepaired pothole, which can lead to government liability (Examples of fault lying with the city include cracks in the asphalt that cause the rider of a bicycle, or motorbike to lose control. They most often occur from someone simply not paying attention. The end result can leave a person stricken with a brain injury, friction burns and numerous other physical ailments);
  • Auto related harm: By far, the most common California vacation accident involves a vehicular claim. Traffic congestion in Santa Monica is sometimes nothing less than absurd and with rising tempers and unfamiliar drivers, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt in a broad-side, or head on collision, for example.
  • Slips and falls: This could be slipping on a banana peel at a grocery story, a broken step or loose handrail in a common area of an apartment, or a non trivial defect on public property like a bad crack in the sidewalk, or an unmarked danger zone in a construction area. We go to work right away to preserve the claims filing statute.

Common Injuries We Help With In Santa Monica

As discussed above, the most common accidents are road accidents. Sometimes you walk away with whiplash, or a few bruises and sprains. But other times these injuries will put you out of action depending upon the G-forces and other factors.

Common injuries we help people with include:

  • Brain Injury
  • Dog Bite Punctures and Lacerations
  • Friction Burns
  • Broken Ankles
  • Broken Knees
  • Missing Digits and Amputations
  • Wrongful Death
Let Our Experience Guide Your Case to Fruition

Ehline Law Firm PC Santa Monica, has vast legal experience as fully accredited and licensed a local law firm. We want to help you with all aspects of your catastrophic injury insurance claims for recovery of financial losses, including your suffering and pain.  Due to our years of practice in the negligence law field, we know exactly what to do in order to help your get a just result and we are willing to get to work and bring our experience to bear right away to achieve those ends.

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You have to make sure to get to the hospital, get to physical therapy and retain the right counsel. We can help make this journey easier on you. Call 310-237-6218.


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