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Many injured accident victims feel they have nowhere to turn. Victims should not be getting the runaround. When your Santa Monica personal injury was wrongful and caused by no fault of yours, where do you turn? That’s easy. Ehline Law Firm PC leads from the front.

We have obtained numerous 6-figure settlements. This talented group of personal injury and Los Angeles car accident attorneys have maintained Wilshire Boulevard Suite offices in Santa Monica for over ten (10) years.

During this entire period, our driven and knightly advocates have conscientiously assisted thousands of LA personal injury victims and families just like you from 2005-2016. Our positive working relationships have added to our success. Our associates have helped vigorously to ensure that individuals received the maximum compensation.

We take pride that we have beaten some of the biggest adversaries in California and won. While some firms only want to focus on the injury portion of your case, we go the extra mile. We fight for the justice clients deserve under the law. We’ve been working at this for years and don’t intend to stop.

We Have Recovered Millions of Dollars

In fact, we have earned millions of dollars for our clients during this period. Don’t hire a bad attorney. That will only add to your frustration. As can be seen by our proven outcomes here, we have the facts to back up what we claim.

In general, we are personable experts in injury law. Don’t be fooled by our friendly manner. Our full verdicts and settlements are proof of our resolve and talent. We are aggressive in protecting suffering West Side accident victims. We don’t just want money. We help people get things like their deductibles back.

In fact, many of our clients are return customers. Referrals from other happy individuals we have represented in the past are common. We handle “down and out” individuals. We are positive attorneys representing your interests. Inspiring leadership and advice that only a truly brilliant and magnificent counselor can bring is our forte.

You will probably want to discuss your options with a staff member in privacy. Issues will always come up. Therefore we offer a free consultation. You are probably worried about bills for your trip to the hospital. You may be concerned about the cost of living expenses while you are unable to work your job anymore. You are also likely worried about the loss of employment. We want our clients to be fully informed. Naturally, this makes us more efficient counselors at law.

You can reserve a time to speak to a Santa Monica injury attorney right now by calling (310) 237-6218 directly. We will treat you with dignity and respect. We will worry about and explain how this process works and more. When you ultimately hire us to represent your case, you will be on a winning team. Our online reviews on sites like Yelp!, Facebook and AVVO prove our worthiness as your counsel. We bring years of experience to this process.

National Reputation

We strive hard to bring our A+ game and dynamism that has helped us build a national reputation. Based on our numerous awards, client/victim testimonials and accolades in the Santa Monica legal community, we feel our services are second to none. We are number one ranked by Personal Injury Warriors International. We have won many awards. Of particular interest, our president won the cruise ship attorney of the year award from Hollywood Weekly Magazine in 2013.

Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline is a mediator and arbitrator himself. He takes pride that he has helped resolve many cases for others. Ehline’s commitment and training show his substantial experience. Ehline has achieved numerous successes in Americans With Disabilities Act cases. He is a disabled USMC veteran himself so that he can put himself in your shoes.  He has won various wrongful death awards. His skill in discovery, motions, and other litigation matters enables him to resolve disputes quickly.

He feels this gives him and edge when thinking about his cases. Being admitted to practice in California federal and state courts means we stand at the ready. He has argued cases at the Federal Central District Court of California. He has also argued cases at the California Second District Court of Appeal.

He always respects client privacy on the website and in real life. He only gives legal advice to deserving and preyed upon underdogs. He is proud he can help clients understand both sides of the equation. Hence, customers can feel confident when the case moves forward.

Ehline enjoys helping clients see how it is to litigate a personal injury case. It helps improve the image of the legal profession. It also ensures the client knows we are not sleeping on our laurels. We want you to heal up and get better. Hence, our focus is placing you in a good place mentally. Consequently, informing and educating you is what matters most.

A+ Client Satisfaction Promise

Most important, outstanding customer service is our stated goal. We strive for excellent client relations.

  • Make the Call and We’ll Do It All!

Make the call and we’ll do it all.  Of course, this is not only our commitment, but this is also our policy. Who we are is aggressive and compassionate. That’s the Ehline difference.

Free Personal Injury Case Consultation Over the Phone

As part of our crack legal services, we offer a free consultation contact. The fact we are nearby means it is easy for you to request a personalized “no cost to you” appointment in privacy. Knowledge is power, and it is important that clients are informed. We can review the relevant facts of your potential new case quickly and intelligently.

When and if you are ready, you can book a face to face meeting. Once an appointment is reserved, we can shake hands in person. We can discuss the complexities of your case. We do this because we want you to understand the process. We want you to feel our closeness and warmth as human beings.

We are willing to bring or vast knowledge and experience to your case file. We want you to feel at ease and provide answers to your many questions. We are happy to look vigorously at all aspects of your potential case.

You are not just a file with us. In fact, we add you to our list of friends. Put our friendly and competent legal skills to work for you. The good news is that our dedication is to your best interests.

Let us educate you as to the potential strengths and weaknesses of your potential case. Let’s get you trained in privacy so you are fully informed about the upside. We make every effort to get you fully informed. We also want you to know the downside of taking a case to trial or settling. Make that free phone call now at (888) 400-9721. Get service today. Don’t delay!

The reason you should not procrastinate on speaking to a lawyer is that some cases are more complicated than others. Every day that goes by means your case becomes less and less valuable. Thus, your wife, kids, husband and other immediate family members may be denied wages and indemnification owed to the household. Lawyers can help you build the value of your case.

  • Loose Lips Sink Ships

The famous Word War II propaganda slogan holds true in delicate injury cases. “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” No matter what, be careful what you say and who you talk with about your case. Unless you tell a lawyer, that is insecure data that could be used against you later. We are always available to communicate regularly with you. Please get the strength of a reputable firm by your side before giving statements to anyone, especially liability adjusters. We are ready with great compassion to give you the best personal injury representation on the West Side.

What Does Ehline Law Firm PC in Santa Monica Do Right Now for You?

There is a reason why we have grown so rapidly. Our verdicts and settlements have gotten us a lot of word-of-mouth referrals. Clients love it that we are so thorough. What do we do right now? In addition to the free case assessment, below is a checklist of what we offer you free of charge to earn your trust and friendship:

  • No Recovery No Fee Promise: Contingency fee cases are also known as “no recovery no fee cases.” Hence, you don’t pay your lawyer unless he or she gets you money for your pain, suffering, and economic losses. When you are down and out, you don’t need the risk of out-of-pocket costs to pursue a potential lawsuit. The arrangement we have is never to take an upfront fee. We are compensated directly from the funds we win for you.
  • We Advance Case Costs: We often help cover up front investigative costs. Hence, we can order police reports and medical records for example. We don’t get our advanced monies back until the case is over. Our reimbursement comes out of the settlement check.
  • Help You Find a Good “Lien” Doctor: Sometimes victims don’t have liability coverages. If they do, it won’t cover the out-of-pocket services they need. If that happens, we can assist them in locating top-notch, reputable doctors and care providers. These are providers who are willing to get paid upon conclusion of the matter. These are also known as “lien doctors.” Hence, the doctor has a lien on the proceeds of your case. He or she agrees to payment at a later date. Imagine suffering a spine injury and having no coverages. Lien physicians solve that problem. So now you can mitigate your physical losses.
  • We Come to You If Necessary: We understand you may be without a car, or just unable to get here. Our promise includes coming to your house, office, or hospital room. Whatever it takes, we are willing to jump through hoops to earn your business.
  • Handle Your Property Damage Claim for No Cost: No victim should have to deal with the at-fault person’s liability company. Victims have no experience in this, and they don’t need the hassle and frustration and should be left alone to heal. Playing the back and forth games that these companies are famous for requires an experienced player.
  • Video Tutorials: We offer a wide selection of online video tutorials on Youtube to help you better comprehend your legal rights.

So you can see that we offer a complimentary full-service detail. By full service, we mean that we will deal with your property damage. We don’t charge for that. What we do here is gather evidence to get you the highest amount for your totaled car. Furthermore, we battle to get your vehicle rental expenses reimbursed. If you lost a work vehicle, we might even be able to get money for “loss of use.” Again no fee to us! We also fight to get you your deductible back for free.

Dealing with the other driver’s carrier is a daunting and frustrating task.  But we want you to be able to focus on healing your injuries and pain, not to be mired in the adjuster run-around. That is where we come in handy. Also, some law firms try and take a percentage of what they recover for property destruction or loss emanating from your mishap.

Not true with us. As a complimentary gift to you, when we sign up your case, our services include vigorously fighting to get you top-dollar for car damage, or other tangible items. Furthermore, incidents like motorcycle accidents are often brutal. When you are laid up in the hospital, you are at the mercy of the people helping you with your case. Communication matters.

We also communicate with the insurance company to help get the deductible covered. Reimbursing you for lost income from “loss of use”, and rental car costs is also a task we include on our “to do list.” You may have also lost loved ones in the mishap. We act as a sword and shield while you go through the mourning process. It’s probably a grand idea to bring our considerable experience to bear on your case. You cannot do this by yourself.

When Should I Retain a Santa Monica Accident Lawyer?

When to retain counsel depends on upon how bad you were injured, and when you were injured. Being mired in phone battles with evasive agents can place you at your wits end. You may have thrown up your hands and feel like giving up. But education is a powerful thing. For example, if your damages are less than $7,500.00, you may be better off filing your lawsuit in small claims court.

If you suffered a fatality in your family from someone else’s negligence, like a brain injury, for example, you’ll need to retain a personal injury lawyer sooner than later! The fact of the matter is that you should call a lawyer before doing anything besides receiving proper medical care. Helping victims like while you’re undergoing medical treatment is what we do best. So call us and let us help you now. We can come to your home or hospital bedside to make the process smooth.

Standard Santa Monica Accidents We Help With

The many ways negligence in Santa Monica can hurt a victim are many and varied. You can be walking along the Third Street Promenade and slip and fall, a driver can run a light and hit you in the crosswalk. You must always be on the alert. Even then some accidents are unavoidable.

These accidents include a variety of situations, the most common as follows:

  • Bicycle Accidents: Such as when you are riding in the bicycle lane, and a taxi cab or passenger vehicle opens its door to you, or veers into the bike lane. Bicycle accidents and crosswalk injuries on Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier are part of our services;
  • Pedestrian Personal Injuries: Pedestrian accidents are very common here. These fact unfortunate patterns include crosswalk incidents such as hit and run crosswalk accidents, etc.;
  • Premises Liability Cases: This includes situations like slips and falls. It also covers cracks or stumbling blocks greater than one inch. Most noteworthy, these are common in the City of Santa Monica maintained sidewalks and asphalt streets.
  • Motorcycle Crash: Motorcycle accidents can include throwing a person from a bike by an unrepaired pothole, which can lead to government liability (Examples of fault lying with the city include cracks in the asphalt that cause the rider of a bicycle, or motorbike to lose control. They most often occur from someone simply not paying attention. The result can leave a person stricken with a brain injury, friction burns and numerous other physical ailments);
  • Auto related accident cases: By far, passenger car accidents are the most common disaster California. Of note, this is even truer in crowded beach communities like Santa Monica, CA. Most of our specialty surrounds vehicular injury claims. Traffic congestion in Santa Monica is sometimes nothing less than absurd and with rising tempers and unfamiliar drivers. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt in a broadside or head on collision. Auto accidents are our specialty.
  • Slips and falls: This could be slipping on a banana peel at a grocery story, a broken step or loose handrail in a common area of an apartment. There could be a nontrivial defect on public property. Mislevlings are a real problem throughout Los Angeles County. This will usually cause a bad crack in the sidewalk. It can also be the nexus of an ADA claim. Santa Monica could be denying handicapped people equal access by failing to maintain sidewalks. The city is supposed to remove overgrown tree roots and other causes of damage. Equally threatening are unmarked danger zones in a construction area.

Common Personal Injuries We Help Clients With In Santa Monica

As discussed above, the most common accidents are road accidents. Sometimes you walk away with whiplash, or a few bruises and sprains. But other times these injuries will put you out of action depending upon the G-forces and other factors.

Ehline Also Offers Quality Representation for These Common injuries:

  • Brain Injury
  • Dog Bite Punctures and Lacerations: Being bitten by an animal in Santa Monica is among the risks pedestrians, joggers and others face more than someone in a suburban area. There are lot’s of people out walking their dogs at the beach. Many times, people are mauled due to the close quarters. Being bitten by a leashed dog in Santa Monica is not out of the question.  The city sidewalks are so crowded here getting bit or even pickpocketed is not out of the question. We understand all the local regulations and rules when it comes to dog bite liability, and we can help you.
  • Friction Burns
  • Broken Ankles
  • Broken Knees
  • Missing Digits and Amputations
  • Wrongful Death
  • Sex, Employment Discrimination and Business Law Matters
Let Our Experience Guide Your Case to Fruition

Ehline Law Firm PC Santa Monica has vast legal experience. Relevant here, that this is a fully accredited and licensed a local law firm. Not all cases require litigation or a civil suit. We want to help you with all aspects of your catastrophic injury claims. We think we can help with recovery of your financial losses.

We want to help you get better and get money for your suffering and pain. Due to our years of practice in the negligence law field, we know what to do to help you get a just result. We are willing to get to work to get you back on your feet. Let us bring our experience to bear right away to achieve those ends.

Learn More

Questions or concerns? We can service you anywhere in the county of Los Angeles so just pick up that phone. You have to make sure to get to the hospital, get to physical therapy and retain the right counsel. We can contribute to making this journey easier on you.

Don’t let the statute of limitations toll. Call a top lawyer in Santa Monica, California at (310) 237-6218. We go to work right away to preserve the claims filing statute. If no phone is available, feel free to use our convenient contact form in the sidebar menu of this website. We quickly answer phone calls and e-mails.

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