Common Household Injuries & Avoidance 101

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In the event a mishap does occur at home when using a product as intended it is important to consult a personal injury attorney who can evaluate your claim and determine if you have a case with the best way to pursue your claim.

Shoulder Injuries and Car Accidents 101

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If you or a family member have faced a severe injury such as this, it is vital to reach out to both a medical and legal expert as soon as possible. P

Experienced Attorneys in Labor Law

Workers are entitled to time and a half for all hours over 40 hours per week. Most workers in the state of California are also entitled to overtime for any work over 8 hours per day, and double pay for work after 12 hours.

Certain Persons Owe a Duty To Warn You About Things

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According to the statute, the plaintiff must prove that the drug manufacturer knew that the drug had potential risks or side effects but manufactured and distributed it anyway. If the problem was not clear to the average customer and represented a “substantial danger” to them and the consumer was not warned and this lack of warning was a major factor in this injury, consumed the product, and was harmed there is liability.

In a Car Crash? Get Medical Care NOW!

The right attorney will be able to assist in finding quality medical care and the means to pay for it. They can also help with many factors regarding your lifestyle and ability to support your family.

Risks of Wrecks Greater When Traveling Out on Open Road?

Ehline Law Firm PC is the top car accident lawyers in Los Angeles and Southern California offering a free consultation with experience in handling all types of motor vehicle accidents in urban areas and the rural areas of California.

Learn Good Habits By Calendaring and Monitoring Key Dates

Researching the Statute of Limitations

You have to ensure to file suit on time as well. It is always highly advised by the most professional lawyers that you file suit before there is only one month left from the SOL. This gives you enough time to revisit any errors that you might have made during the collection of information and filing.

Buying From Responsible Companies Can Make all the Difference

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The insurance companies continue their racketeering because they know they can get away with it. Even with the occasional story or fine, their practices are largely unnoticed and hurt consumers every day. Fortunately, not every insurance company acts in such a manner and it allows for a unique opportunity for policy holders to fight back. […]

Bad Faith Retaliation 101

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In another case reported by the Daily Business Review, a couple was victimized by their title insurance company, which stated that they had no issues with a property title. This was false and cost them thousands in financial losses. The couple was able to successfully sue First American Title Insurance for $4.6 million as a result.

Kids Hop Fence, Refuse to Leave Pool – Shots Almost Fired

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If police were involved in injuring an innocent person or suspect, then legally there is a right to fight back. The best way to do so is with a legal expert by your side, able to use case studies and precedent to determine what the department’s faults were. In California there is no better example than the team at Ehline Law.