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Attorney Michael Ehline is the president of Ehline Law Firm PC. He still surfs the fast waves of this alluring timeless community to this very day. There are many ways to get injured here. There are bars and eateries where alcohol freely flows.

There are potholes and poorly marked construction zones. It has its fair share of loose dogs that bite. Drunks in cars lose control and crash. Burns and scalds and other work-related mishaps occur along the boat docks.

Hazards of Self-Representation

There are other dangers presented for both wealthy and poor alike. Going it alone is only an option if you are highly trained and can devote time. The bottom line is you need help if you are hurt here. Your injury could be due to the negligence of business, the city, or wayfarer just passing through. Consulting locals like the Newport Beach personal injury attorneys at our firm is always a plus.

We will give you an honest assessment of your potential case. We are the first to agree that money can never entirely repair the damaged heart or soul of an afflicted individual. But when balancing the potential life-altering factors of a severe calamity, a recent accident victim is not always thinking clearly.

We know that you will be confused. Furthermore, you have bills, need pain medicine. Maybe you need to attend frequent hospital visits? It’s probably a good idea to get someone in your corner. Would be happy to get you on some equal footing again. We try and bring order from the chaos and calamity.  We help with these day to day, devastating events occurring in this fair city. We think you should call us.