Lawsuit Filed Against Clinton for Wrongful Death and Defamation

Benghazi Survivors Sue Hillary

Michael Ehline at the court

United States Supreme Court

Wrongful death is a negligent killing of one human being by another. But it could have been a direct or indirect act that led to the death. Furthermore, defamation is a defamatory, untrue statement about another person. Also, it must be a scornful comment that is likely to lead to ridicule or public scorn about the person defamed. But there are defenses available, such as truth. However, there are also absolute defenses like govt immunity. Last, this argument applies when the government or a government employee is a defendant. So this gets called sovereign immunity.

The facts relate that two parents lost sons in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack. These deaths took place at the U.S. diplomatic facilities in Libya. So these two survivors have now filed a lawsuit under negligence law theories. Thus, the lawsuit causes of action include wrongful death and defamation. Patricia Smith and Charles Woods are the suing parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods. Most noteworthy here, these are the two men who died at the Benghazi compound during the actual attack that Hillary falsely blamed upon a Youtube video.

Lawsuit Claims

The lawsuit claims Clinton’s use of a private server contributed to the attacks. Hence, the claim states information about Benghazi got emailed that may have gotten hacked. Additionally, the emails may have put the U.S. compound inhabitants at risk. Consequently, the parents claim the defamation is colloquy because Hillary Clinton implied them to be liars. These were public statements of extrinsic facts of inference and innuendo.

Detailed Claims

The lawsuit says it is “highly probable” Clinton sent and received information from Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Because of this, Hillary Clinton used “extreme carelessness” in her handling of classified information. Also, the lawsuit admits it hasn’t established the illegal email caused Benghazi deaths.

But the lawsuit says it is “highly probable.” Thus, the probability is high that Clinton sent and received information about clandestine and other activities.

So this is information that could:

“easily found its way to foreign powers.”

Hence, that secret info could then be obtained by Islamic terrorists.

The Suing Parents

Pat Smith’s son was an information management officer working with Ambassador Stevens. Additionally, Charles Wood’s son was a security officer stationed in Benghazi. Also, both parents said Secretary Clinton met with them when their son’s bodies returned. Furthermore, Clinton then said their son’s died because of a controversial YouTube video.

Readers will recall the attack took place on the anniversary of the 9-1-1 attacks during the Obama sponsored Muslim Brotherhood Spring uprisings. Most experts believe the attack was pre-planned by those same terrorist elements within the Wahabist Brotherhood. Thus, they say the fact the ambassador had made multiple requests for additional security would have embarrassed the Obama Admin and future presidential candidate, Clinton.

These experts also opine that reinforcements were not sent to help at Benghazi because Mrs. Clinton did not want to offend local Muslims with uniformed American troops. This was a 13 hour attack and Marine FAST Teams were deployable from Spain as well as US Navy SEALS from Italy. So this means help was less than 3 hours away. (Source Marine Corps. Times.)

In any event, Mrs. Clinton falsely claimed to the parents and the world, that a Youtube video was the motivation for the “spontaneous protest that led to an attack.” Most relevant here is that in an email to her daughter Chelsea that same day, Hillary admitted the attacks were not related to a Youtube video. She also admitted the same thing to the prime minister of Egypt the very SAME DAY.

‘During a Sept. 12 phone call with then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil Clinton said that the Benghazi attacks “had nothing to do with the film.”‘ (Source.)

Pat Smith spoke at the Cleveland Republican convention. She wants answers to questions she feels were not answered. The Obama Admin has also stuck to the story that help could not have been sent in time during the 13-hour firefight. Furthermore, these are just some of the questions about her son’s death and holding Clinton personally responsible.

“It is no wonder that two frustrated federal court judges granted Judicial Watch discovery into the Clinton FOIA issues.” (Source.)


Consequently, Hillary said in later interviews she never made the statement about the video being responsible for the attacks. She has since implied the parents were incorrect in their recollection. Smith and Woods have attorney Larry Klayman of Washington D.C. as counsel. Also, this lawyer is often a critic of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

FBI Investigation

FBI head, James Comey said it was “possible hostile actors gained access.” The head of the FBI said there was no direct evidence of successful hacking. However, Wikileaks has already proven that statement by Comey is false.

Thus, her emails got hacked at least once, probably many more times. Also, a U.S./Iranian spy was executed by Iran after his name got mentioned in her illegal email setup. (Source.) Furthermore, we know the government has the Clinton emails, since they are all permanently stored at the NSA.

Clinton’s Lawsuit Response

Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said there is no evidence of wrongdoing. Also, Merrill said no one could imagine the pain of the families. Thus, he implied those were brave American’s who died in Benghazi, but the parents were wrong. Additionally, he said there had been nine investigations into the attack. Thus, he claims, there is no evidence whatsoever linking Clinton to wrongdoing.

Of course none of these emails discrediting Hillary were available during those earlier investigations. Most of all, they were unavailable, since Hillary tried to destroy them and evade FOIA laws. But Merrill then said attorney Klayman is the founder of Freedom Watch. So he says it’s all political since a conservative group is attacking the Clintons.

It is likely that Clinton will get off on this case too. Many consider the Clintons to be the most corrupt political crime family ever. Thus, they say, not even the FBI will dare mess with the Clintons. Additionally, even her supporters don’t care that she is a dishonest, liar. So we can accurately guess this case is going nowhere fast.