Why Did Uber’s President Resign?

Jones Leaves Under Storm of Controversy

The President of the embattled ride sharing company Uber stepped down in a haze of accusations. Jeff Jones lasted only about six months in his position. In addition, during this period critics and governments accused Uber of various legal and civil issues.

Recode covered the breaking news Sunday. Jones wasn’t president of the ride sharing company for even a year. He leaves under a cloud of controversy. Furthermore, many concerns rose about allegations of drivers and sexual harassment and sexism. Uber confirmed the move, saying that the President didn’t see a future at the company. Jones, for his part, said that the company’s path was contrary to his own “beliefs and approach to leadership.”

The news reports that Jones did not expect such a turbulent period at the company. Recode called it a “very troubled ship.” Jones was a former leader at Target. While his resume was impressive, the rot within Uber was not. Uber faces multiple controversies regarding sexism, assaults and more. An Uber driver attempted to rape a passenger in one case. In another, a former employee accused the company of rampant sexism. The company saw multiple resignations over the last several months. Furthermore, its model is increasingly unstable. Young riders will soon drift away from the poor service.

A Graying Landscape

Each one of these issues is another nail in Uber’s coffin. Companies such as Uber and Lyft will likely survive, but their model is aging. Many riders are sick of rude treatment, a potential for violence, and a lack of recourse. Many cities moved to ban or restrict the practice.

For more info about Uber and its issues, keep the dial here. Ehline Law reports on the issues of the day. We profiled the company in the past, including the many suits against them. Their issues will not go away. Press freedom and more light are some of the solutions. In conclusion, be careful when you call that driver or use that app.