Weekend California Traffic Accidents Include Two Fatal Crashes

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Westminster Crash Turns Fatal

Spine Injury Car crash

The first responder at rolled over the car.

In Westminster, California, a fatal crash did happen at 2:40. The accident occurred at Sr91 and Euclid Street off ramp. The crash closed the westbound lanes on Euclid Street until 7:30. The accident did involve three vehicles.

One car, in fact, landed on its roof. In fact, one vehicle was a moving van. One of the vehicles landed on its side. The other vehicle a Jeep did block the HOV lane. In this case, the moving van was in the 2nd lane. The third vehicle’s identified as a Toyota Corolla. It, of course, came to a stop on the right shoulder.

Three Trapped.

Three people got trapped in the vehicles, and one person died. One man was reportedly sitting on the ground on the right shoulder of the road. Anaheim-Fullerton first responders called to the scene of the three-car crash.

Police set up a hard closure for the freeway of course for a couple of hours. In this case, the cars did need towing and the scene investigated. The traffic exiting Euclid Street got closed. The traffic became in fact diverted until the road opened. The name of the victim killed in the crash remains unknown.

Riverside Fatal Crash

A Riverside accident scene resulted in a fatality Sunday. The collision did happen at 22840 Ellis Avenue at 6:19. The crash appeared as an accident with a car flying 40 feet off of the roadway. In fact, the car went into a fence and rolled over. Police reported the car was still running on the other side of the wall. Police said a fatality and a minor injury.
The vehicle got towed from the scene as evidence. It’s unclear if one or two cars were involved. The model of the vehicle or vehicles remains unreported.
Incident number 01482.

Riverside Morning Collision

The collision happened in Riverside, California. It did happen on SR91 and Green River Road. The vehicle involved got reported for speeding. It’s unclear if other cars got involved in the crash. The 2003 GMC Serra pickup truck did come to a stop. In fact, it stopped off the right side of the road at the on and off ramp.

Police reported the driver left the scene of the collision. The car got impounded as evidence, and of course, police said.

Indio Morning Crash

A morning crash happened in Indio with injuries. The collision did occur at I10 and Desert Center MM 104. The crash did, in fact, occur at I10 West at Eagle Mountain Road Exit 189.

Police reported moderate and minor injuries. In fact, one person got transported by air from the scene. The police, of course, closed both lanes to land the airship. In this case, one car became stuck on the guardrail. The injuries and vehicle models remain unreported.