Why Did Uber’s President Resign?

Jones Leaves Under Storm of Controversy The President of the embattled ride sharing company Uber stepped down in a haze of accusations. Jeff Jones lasted only about six months in his position. In addition, during this period critics and governments accused Uber of various legal and civil issues. Recode covered the breaking news Sunday. Jones […]

Greyball Scandal Shows Uber’s Disrespect for the Law

Another Brick in the Wall of Deceit Uber’s had quite a losing streak lately. The ridesharing service is repeatedly on the hotseat for allegations of fraud and violence from its drivers. The company itself is under a number of investigations and a high profile fight with Google. In addition, as if the news couldn’t get […]

Uber-Google Fight Could Sink Self-Driving Cars

Fight Over the Future The recent fight between Google and Uber may portend far bigger changes to come. The conflict comes regarding the role of self driving car tech. The SDC movement has garnered a lot of smoke, but not a lot of fire. Furthermore, despite multiple attempts promises keep vanishing. Fortune reported on the […]

Rape, Sexism Suits Dog Uber

Further Knowledge Forthcoming Fortune reported on a recent suit against the company regarding sexism. In one high profile lawsuit a woman claims an Uber driver tried to rape her. There are allegations of sexism against both men and women. One woman wrote that even after meeting with HR many times nothing changed. In the most […]