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If you were run over, or knocked out of commission by a dump truck or trash removal vehicle, Ehline Law Firm empathizes with you, and is here to assist.  We have a proven track record in assisting vehicular injury victims, and we want to help you to. With efficiency, and prompt return of calls and messages, we want to earn your trust and respect.

Garbage Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

There are very few people that realize the dangers of garbage trucks, other than people who have been injured and personal injury lawyers. Most people do not realize that there are a significant number of accidents involving both cars and pedestrians.

In many cases these accidents result in serious or deadly injuries, since cars, passenger trucks and motorcycles are no match for the size and weight of this kind of truck. The pedestrian has no defense against a motor vehicle and certainly not against a truck of this size.

The Los Angeles garbage truck accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm, PC have handled hundreds of truck accident cases and numerous garbage truck injury claims. Our lawyers understand your unique issues involved in this type of truck accident, and we have the experience, litigation skills and the resources to obtain compensation will be fair to the victim or to the family in a wrongful death case.

If you were injured or family member was killed in the back-up accident or collision with a garbage truck, contact the Ehline Law Firm, PC LA County law firm. Our law firm has obtained settlements and verdicts for our clients and families that have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Blue, Black or Green—Waste Truck Color Doesn’t Matter

The color of waste trucks, whether the blue recycling trucks, the black garbage trucks or the green compost ones, they are all large in size, weight tons and are difficult to maneuver for the driver. The driver needs to use extra care when driving these trucks and be alert to blind spots when backing up or pulling out into traffic. Just as other commercial truck drivers, the operator of this large vehicle, when having poor training, operating the truck in a reckless manner or speeding can put the public at risk of injury or death.

Lack of Back Up Cameras

Another issue with these large trucks is many of them are not equipped with back-up cameras, which means the driver has limited vision for cars and pedestrians that are behind them. Back-up accidents are one of the largest hazards.

  • The law firm represents the families of a people, whose vehicle could be  behind a garbage truck. So if the truck driver backs up, it could cause injuries, hitting and sandwiching it between the traffic behind it, and in the oncoming traffic. This can cause a fatality since it presented no chance to evacuate the occupants.  Often, trucks are not even aware there is a car behind them.
  • Children are often the pedestrians that suffer fatal injuries in a garbage truck accident. Children do not realize the dangers involved with these trucks and do not think that the truck will back-up over the sidewalk.

We represented families with fact scenarios like a child that was struck and killed by a garbage truck. These can happen when a truck jumps the curb onto a sidewalk, a situation where the child is riding a bike, does not hear it the truck behind them, and the driver did not see the child until it was too late. Like when the driver does not have the training to be handling a vehicle of this size. Yes there are cases like this all the time.

Defective Parts

Defective parts are another issue that can contribute or cause a garbage truck accident. Investigating, identifying and proving there was an issue with a defective part in an accident of this nature takes a law firm that has the resources to launch an expert investigation. Not having this proof could mean settling a case for a much lower amount or not being able to file a claim.

Trash Truck Injury Attorney

Consulting our trash truck injury attorneys at Ehline Law Firm, PC can be done by calling 888-400-9721 or using our website contact form to discuss your personal injury or wrongful death case that involved a garbage, compost or recycling truck in the Los Angles, Southern California area or state of California.

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