Weekend California Traffic Accidents Include Two Fatal Crashes

The vehicle involved got reported for speeding. It’s unclear if other cars got involved in the crash. The 2003 GMC Serra pickup truck did come to a stop. In fact, it stopped off the right side of the road at the on and off ramp.

Weekend Traffic Crashes Include Fatalities and Injuries

Sunday at 8:44 am I5 southbound and SR162 crash turned fatal. The crash caused one vehicle to overturn at impact. One vehicle police identified as a light colored Lexis SUV. Three vehicles in fact collided and two remain unidentified.

The History of Saint Patrick’s Day and the DWI Curse

The simple answer is booze. People drink much more alcohol on St. Paddy’s day and those around it. This is even more so if it is over a weekend. Since St. Patrick’s Day is a Friday this year keep an eye out for drunk drivers.

What is The Driverless Car’s Liability Question?

Furthermore, we have a chance to do it right. Taking our time and allowing the tech to prove itself is the best possibility. Just because it is shiny doesn’t make it ready for primetime.

Why Do Rape, Sexism Suits Dog Uber?

There’s a reason many cities outlawed the app. It provides an unnecessary risk for others on the road and passengers.

California Rain, Rain and More Rain Dangerous for Drivers and Residents

So drivers need to stay alert in order to avoid dangerous spots on the road. In this case, they need to watch for debris, other vehicles, and warning road signs. All across California, the days of rain caused havoc. Since the ground’s over saturated, trees falling and some roads damaged.

Another Cal-trans Case – Unfortunately Not an Isolated Incident

Each person can lobby their lawmakers for more oversight. This can include state agencies as well as for public safety.

Worst Chances for Accidents are Right Here in L.A!

See the map below for some of the worst traffic zones in and around the city. This map shows just one portion of the potential traffic, which ebbs and flows.

Pedestrian Safety in the City of Cars

The effort has a number of pieces of advice for drivers. This includes reducing cell phone use. It also includes lower rates of racing. It also calls for drivers to look directly at walkers before going further.

Snapchat – A Danger on the Road

Every parent should speak to their children about the dangers of cell phone use while behind the wheel. No one wants to see their family torn apart. Together, we can reduce the number of crashes. Snapchat is just the start.