The Time a Car Accident Personal Injury Claim Takes

auto-accident Filing a personal injury claim is often stressful and complicated. There are questions most people have about how the process works and how long until you get a settlement. The answer is every accident is different, along with the amount of harm. Also, the burden of proof is part of your claim and your lawyers’ So there’s no definite time for a settlement. The case must remove all reasonable doubt to the defendant’s negligence causing harm.


Every claim is different, and therefore, they settle in a variety of ways. Some go to court and others settle before the petition reaches that stage. Experienced lawyers calculate pain and suffering. Lawyers also determine medical costs. Then other expenses like lost wages and other damages are tallied. Figuring them into the claim settlement amount that’s fair is your lawyer’s job.

Demand Letter.

Once the lawyer has a solid figure for the claim, harm and damages they send a demand letter. This message goes to the insurance company. The experienced lawyer has often dealt with insurers to negotiate settlements. For each case, they behave differently. So for some claims they agree to a settlement fast. But others take more negotiation or even going to court. Then there are claims they outright deny. So these will take the lawyers’ expertise to negotiate.

Furthermore, if the insurer will negotiate, they will go back and forth. They do this with the lawyer over the dollar value of the claim. When this happens, the insurer often knows the demand is robust with proof of negligence. Also, this means if the claim goes to court, jurors may pay out a much higher cost.

The goal of the insurer is to pay out the least amount possible. Going to trial is expensive so they will negotiate first. Also, lawsuits cost insurers a lot just for legal representation. And, it causes cases to draw out in a lengthy time. So this alone costs the company more than settling. Furthermore, the claim can become settled quickly. So this results in saving the insurance company from continued involvement or court expenses.


When negotiations happen during an injury claim, it involves back and forth discussions. The discussion occurs through face to face meetings, emails, and phone calls. If using a lawyer for an injury claim, they will do the negotiating on your behalf. So this will include all contact with the insurer.

Then the lawyer will work up a calculation of the damages. Also, he’ll have a value of pain and suffering. Next, the attorney will consult the person harmed and discuss. Also, the lawyer provides the victim with any offers from the insurer. After negotiating, the attorney and client try and fit offers into an acceptable settlement range. The estimate in the United States is approximately 95% of insurance injury claims settle out of court.

Going to Court.

The other 5 percent of claims fail in negotiations. So these will end up going to trial. Also, the plaintiff or person harmed has a choice of a jury trial or the claim settled by the judge. Often these applications involve high dollar value demands. But the case must get proven. Proving a claim includes using expert witnesses, and medical records. Plus other documents, doctors, and other evidence will be needed.

The length of a trial depends on several factors. But this often depends on the number of witnesses and length of their testimony. Such things like the other evidence presented, and the insurance company’s defense all take time. After both sides present their case to the judge or jury, a decision gets rendered. This decision when favoring the plaintiff will involve the money award.

Most of all, there is one thing the harmed person or family of a wrongful death victim should understand. When going to trial, the insurer can appeal the court’s decision. And this will delay the awarded payment. Though, usually, the insurer doesn’t appeal the court’s decision. But if the case does not get appealed, the plaintiff should receive the award amount within 30 days.


The central part of the injury claim is seeking damages for medical costs, lost wages, and other factors. If the victim dies, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek damages. Usually, the higher the claim, the more the insurance company will fight. So they will attempt to lower the payout or deny the application. But the experienced lawyer has the negotiation skills to handle the insurance company. Also, the best lawyer is ready to go to court if a proper settlement does not get offered.

Legal Assistance.

Every accident doesn’t have the elements necessary to file a claim. But the only way to know is by consulting an injury lawyer. If the claim goes to trial and you lose the claim, there’s an appeal process. Though, this will delay the case further, as well as any compensation. Also, it is possible the case will lose on appeal. So this is why it is crucial to have injuries well documented. So this way, the claim is easier to prove. Furthermore, the elements of bodily harm must get met. Then the plaintiff gets compensation.

Making it fair for every person hurt, Ehline Law Firm works on a contingency basis for personal injury claims. So this means our lawyers get paid only when we recover a settlement or court award. We get paid out of the award for the victim or family. These are the hurt victims and those that lost a loved one in a wrongful death. Let Ehline Law Firm help you recover the compensation you deserve for all these issues.

Legal Help.

One thing that requires understanding is that every accident doesn’t have grounds to file a claim for compensation. Also, consulting with a lawyer ensures the elements meet the requirements to file a claim. Only then do we take it to court. And this is only if necessary.

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