What is The Driverless Car’s Liability Question?

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What is the Liability of the SDC Company?

Self driving meter

The words Self-Driving on a vehicle speedometer to illustrate the rise of autonomous vehicles to increase safety and reduce accidents.

Self-Driving Cars are the future, or so they tell us. Unfortunately for consumers, this tech is everything the opposite of the promises. It’s slow, it’s dangerous, and it comes with all sorts of strings attached. It’s not the bright new future we all hoped for.

For example, who is legally liable when someone gets hurt in a car accident? The American Association for Justice recently published a report regarding the future of liability and the role of self-driving cars. Ultimately the role of accountability changes when there’s no human behind the wheel.

One of the questions comes down to whether or not the car manufacturer or software designer is liable. Perhaps both. The proportion of liability is confusing and lacking any precedent for these cases.

Furthermore, the AAJ argues that a strict liability system would ensure manufacturers have the incentives needed to make safe vehicle. They argue that the regulatory state may not be suited for such a role.

In many ways, handing the role to skilled attorneys is the best way to go. It democratizes the process and opens it for the public to see. Needed are further laws and regulations to understand the underlying concerns about such technology.

Get it Right the First Time

Lives are at risk. Every mistake causes an accident. Going by arcane auto tech is not the way forward. Legislators and regulators understand the great danger of placing such tech on the roads untested. Liability is just one of the many concerns. Thus, it is a valid and important one.

Furthermore, we have a chance to do it right. Taking our time and allowing the tech to prove itself is the best possibility. Just because it is shiny doesn’t make it ready for primetime.

We here at Ehline Law study this subject religiously. Furthermore, our team understands the many complications attached to everything related to SDCs. From life to property to liability they all have consequences. Contact us for more information about the future of law and self-driving cars. If you or a loved one has concerns about this tech, including injury, we’re the people to talk to. In conclusion, let us know how we can help.