Mike is a consummate professional

Mike is a consummate professional, especially when it comes to personal injury law. He is prompt at picking up and returning phone calls and is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of what to do if in a car accident. From a client service stand point, he’s great because he takes his time and is reassuring.

A Team of Pros

I was in a bad car accident and needed help fast. Mike over at Ehline Law Firm PC helped me win a significant settlement. His team of legal pros got me an excellent result. They returned all my calls and kept me informed. Ehline got my medical bills reduced. I liked it that Mr. Ehline and his staff of lawyers and legal assistants made themselves available pretty much any day of the week. I was euphoric with the results. I was grateful I was able to avoid filing a lawsuit. They handled my serious car crash case with professionalism and pride. I enjoyed working with him.

Ehline Law Firm are Consummate Professionals

Part of the settlement included criminal reparations, so Mike was able to get the court to make the settlement part of the probation. So the guy who hit me either had to pay, or go to jail for contempt of court. Ehline Law Firm PC are consummate professionals and manned by a former U.S. Marine […]

Two Thumbs Up!

I knew I was making the right choice by hiring one of Americas finest. United States Marine Michael Ehline and now hardworking attorney has undoubtedly won my respect twice over. One for serving his country in the most demanding branches of military the world has to offer and two, for devoting 110% of his efforts […]

Terrific Job Handling Case

Mike’s doing a terrific job handling a most unfortunate situation involving a California-based company that did something which I am not presently at liberty to discuss pending the outcome of the case.

Superb Courtroom Advocacy

As someone who lives on the East Coast and who also has attorneys in my own family and as friends, Michael Ehline has an excellent reputation in his field for professionalism, superb courtroom advocacy, and a keen intelligence that serves clients who desperately need assistance to make their lives whole again. Those characteristics are rare […]

This is a Lawyer Who Knows the Laws

After being injured on a cruise ship, I thought there was nowhere to turn. I was wrong, after talking to Los Angeles attorney Michael Ehline, I knew my medical bills and other expenses were not going to be a part of my life for the next ten years. This is a lawyer that knows the […]

“Always There to Answer My Legal Questions”

Michael Ehline is a very hard working, God serving, country loving attorney. I had a partial finger amputation from an accident inside a limousine bus and Michael was always there to answer any questions and worked hard on my case to get the best results for me and my family. Even a year after my […]

Great Settlement

I was in a bad wreck, had no where to turn, insurance company gave me trouble, city of Los Angeles was responsible and refused to pay. I called Ehline Law Firm PC. Michael was responsive, he kept me in the loop, helped me find good doctors, got me a great settlement. Michael Ehline and I […]

These Injury Lawyers Are Awesome

Pedestrian Hit in a Crosswalk: Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys With Passion – After being run over in a crosswalk, no one wanted to help in my hit and run case. But Ehline Law took my case, sent out an investigator and found a witness. After that, we nailed the lady who ran me over […]