Snapchat – A Danger on the Road

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Close-up of a businesswoman sending a text while driving to work

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps on phones today. Especially popular among young people, the program allows users some different filters. These filters can range from looking like a dog to those that could cause lives. Unfortunately, when paired with driving this app can be especially dangerous.

This issue is well documented, to say the least. American Stock Market News reported on the issue recently. CNN had some reports on the app and its dangers.

In one case the app’s speed filter is a primary cause of accidents. One suit alleges that a driver sped at over 100 mph to show it on the app. This crash caused severe injuries, including brain damage. The Atlanta crash was just one of many incidents involving the smartphone app.

The ubiquity of Snapchat is one of the most difficult things to handle. Nearly every person under 20 has the app. It gets used on both Androids and iPhones. It is also free to use. All of these add up to a single perfect storm. The speed feature, in particular, is very dangerous. Parents need to be aware of the apps their kids are using. Snapchat also should warn users against using the app while driving. Their half-hearted efforts so far haven’t prevented crashes.

Just One Piece in Preventing Crashes.

Snapchat is just one piece of the puzzle. Using the phone while driving is a leading cause of distracted driving. This causes nearly 3,000 deaths a year. Every parent should speak to their children about the dangers of cell phone use while behind the wheel. No one wants to see their family torn apart. Together, we can reduce the number of crashes. Snapchat is just the start.

We all have a role to play in preventing accidents. Understanding why and how Snapchat and other apps cause accidents are just the beginning. Thus, Ehline Law has compiled a list of crashes resulting from the smartphone program. Read more on our site for info. We will continue updating the site with more cases. Hopefully some day soon we will no longer have to do so.