Res Ipsa Cases and Examples

Exploding airbag Res Ipsa Loquitur is a Latin phrase, meaning “a thing that speaks for itself.” This phrase has entered into the legal lexicon for cases under the doctrine of negligence. Common negligence is a slightly different situation. Examples of res ipsa can include an exploding vehicle tire or airbag while a car is traveling down the freeway. In a case like this, with possible causes including tread separation, an aftermath such as vehicle rollover speaks for itself. In cases like exploding soda and beer bottles, the bottling company would be the at fault party– as it speaks for itself.

There can be many potential defendants in res ipsa cases and a skilled attorney can determine who or what they are. Which corporations did not take the proper procedures that led to injury or accident? All of the potentially liable defendants can be identified by a law firm with the experience and background knowledge to make such a distinction on who breached their duty of reasonable care.