Redondo Bicycle Death: A Needless Tragedy

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The Pain of a Parent

I have two kids, and live less than a mile from the terrible scene. As a parent, and a lawyer, I want to address these rear view mirrors on buses. It is my contention that these commercial sized side view mirrors cause countless deaths to pedestrians and cyclists. The death of an innocent 13 year old is a terrible event. The same happened in Redondo Beach last week in an avoidable incident. The event included a city Metro bus and left a massive hole for the girl’s parents.

NBC Los Angeles reported on the tragedy. The accident happened near the Pacific Coast Highway and Knob Hill Avenue. Ciara Smith of Parras Middle School was the unfortunate victim. She and a friend rode nearby when one was struck and killed by a Metro bus. The police state she was in the number two bus line. It is unclear if she was crossing the street or accidentally entered the road. The horrible tragedy is a grim reminder for every parent.

Below is video of the aftermath of the incident:

CBS Los Angeles reported on the aftermath in Ciara’s school. Many students came out to mourn her death. Some dressed in bright colors– her favorite– and others wrote her name in memorial. If you’re interested in helping, here is the GoFundMe page set up helping her family.

Action to Avoid Further Tragedy

As a parent and resident of Redondo Beach, I feel a special obligation to prevent such tragedies from happening again. There is something that each one of us can do. In addition, it is our chance honoring Ciara’s legacy. This event happened right near my house– I have children that deserve protection. We have an obligation to do so.

There are many factors to consider in this event:

  • Was there proper signage and lighting in and around this area? Furthermore, was it obvious that the area where she was hit was a bus lane?
  • Was there an appropriate bike lane in the area?
  • In addition, was the driver under the influence? Were all of his licenses up to date?
  • Are the bus side view mirrors safe for the smaller lames of Redondo Beach?

These and other questions are vital. They establish a baseline for concerned parents and citizens. All residents concerned about what happened have an opportunity to make it right. Furthermore, we prepare for a safer greater Los Angeles area.

We here at the Ehline Law Firm will do everything we can to avoid these types of events. Come join our cause.