Common Household Injuries & Avoidance 101

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In the event a mishap does occur at home when using a product as intended it is important to consult a personal injury attorney who can evaluate your claim and determine if you have a case with the best way to pursue your claim.

Technology Can Help Win Your Slip and Fall Case

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What this means is that this victim is not going to live a normal life anymore but losing the ability to live a normal life and having to spend the money for medical care from pocket can become an overkill for such a person.

Proving Negligence Of Business To Prove The Case

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It is because the courts will not always look at the similarity of the cases but will also bear in mind the fact that any crime in the vicinity of the business should have urged the business to take security measures to protect its patrons.

The Public Area Slip and Fall


Contact the Ehline Law Firm PC to schedule a free consultation toll-free at 888-400-9721 to have our legal professionals evaluate your case and put you on the right track to recover the settlement that should be awarded.

Bad Lighting Can Cause Serious Injuries and Even Death.

The help of a skilled legal expert is second to none in not only recovering damages but also preventing such an accident happening to others. The attorneys at Ehline Law are specialized in cases of improper lighting causing falls.

Construction Accident Injury Information and Legal Options

They’re able to go to bat with your employer, government agencies, and insurance companies. They’ve gotten results for hundreds of clients to the tune of millions in recovery. They make sure that the accident victims have their medical bills paid, lost wages taken care of, and the emotional cost of such a severe injury covered.

Yikes! L.A. The Home for Bed Bugs?

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Don’t let your children be bitten mercilessly by these insects and don’t shoulder the cost of destroying your sheets and blankets alone. Removals can cost thousands of dollars, as can medical bills.