Ehline – The Whiplash Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, if you’ve been in a car, bus, or boat accident you jolted or jarred your neck. So you’ve likely suffered some form of whiplash discussed here. The fragility of the human body and the neck, in particular, allows for such an injury to occur. The sheer force of a sudden stop or trauma will result in a swinging motion to the muscles.

So ligaments, and bones in the neck and head compresses and pull apart quickly. Hyperextension of the neck can cause severe damage to the tissue. So this ends up resulting in a myriad of medical issues. When suffering from such an injury, there is a need for immediate medical attention. Consultation with a legal expert to assess the road ahead is of utmost importance.

Working With Neck Injury Victims.

Ehline Law’s ability to work with victims of accidents makes it one of the most respected injury firms. Our team of skilled attorneys specializes in whiplash injuries. Also, we can help with discovering the methods of recovery, both medical and financial.

Fighting the Insurance Companies for Victims.

We can work with or challenge your insurance company. Most of all, this to get the funds needed to cover your bills, both now and in the future. Of particular interest, we can also work to get you signed up for worker’s compensation. Also, we will do the same when seeking you unemployment, or disability coverages.

So if needed, we can find alternative sources to pay your bills. At the same time, we hold the wild party causing such an injury responsible. Furthermore, we work to avoid such an incident from happening again. Ultimately, the attorneys at the Ehline Law Firm stop at nothing to get justice for our clients.

Working With the Scientific Experts.

We can put together the causes of the accident, including the level of fault of the other party. Hence, we work with accident technicians. First off, we work to determine if there was speeding, or weather conditions contributing. Furthermore, we look at whether alcohol or other factors were factors. Last, we will even advance pay for experts out of our pocket. We do this to determine the responsibility of the crash. But all this directly relates to getting you the maximum compensation possible.

Working With the Medical Experts.

We can find you qualified medical professionals. These people will ensure prompt and quality care and can front the money if needed. So Ehline Law Firm makes an extraordinary commitment to our clients. Also, we work on contingency, meaning that if you don’t recover, we don’t get paid. Our Southern California experts can meet with you seven days a week at any time of day.

Hence, we will visit you at home or the hospital if needed. Furthermore, we give you the advice and assistance that you need during your recovery. So you need every piece of support you can get. In conclusion, contact us today for a free, no-pressure sit-down. Speak with one of our legal experts. Call now (213) 596-9642.