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A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash

A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash. Neckbrace.

Paralysis of any type can be severely debilitating. And it can cause a large shift in a person’s abilities. When facing paraplegia, the victim can be especially vulnerable. When losing the loss or paralysis of the legs due to injury, there is a need for both medical and legal attention. The costs of short term care and long term rehabilitation can be catastrophic.

And nothing can hurt families more. Especially if their primary breadwinner is out of work, food can stop flowing. Hiring a top-notch legal team is the best choice for unrepresented victims.

Ehline Law Helps Paraplegia Victims Get Money

Ehline Law has seen many spinal cord injuries. Some of our clients are permanently disabled from back injuries. Clients that do not have feelings or control about the waist are paraplegic. Our specialized attorneys have been able to negotiate for and fight on the behalf of paraplegia victims and their family.

We’ve seen the serious anguish caused by such an injury and the decline of activities associated with it. We make sure that the victim gets immediate medical attention. And of course, we help find quality doctors and the means to pay for them.

Calculating Long-Term Costs.

Also, we can determine the long-term costs associated with such an injury. Hence, we can calculate how best to recover a method of payment to compensate for them. Also, we work with or challenge your insurance companies. So now we can help cover the costs that they have promised. Plus we can make sure that the victim can sign up for workman’s compensation. Furthermore, we help them understand Social Security Disability. Also, we explain any other method of money they may become entitled to.

When challenging negligent parties we request a settlement to cover economic and non-economic costs. And we always do this in cases of a severe injury. The medical costs alone for such an injury are often over $100,000 a year. So these will well outstrip the ability for most families to pay for such costs. But we can help front some of those costs out of our own pocket. Sometimes this will ensure needed quality care.

Ehline Law doesn’t leave any stone unturned for our clients. We work on contingency, not asking for a penny unless we recover for our clients. We have handled cases involving many causes of the paralysis. Cases we take include workplace accidents, motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, and train accidents.

These also include help with airplane accidents and others. Regardless of the cause, we want to use our experience to help you get back on your feet. Call one of our legal experts for more information or to schedule a meeting today.


A Paraplegic & Quadriplegic life story

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