Personal Injury Attorney FAQ

The main questions people hurt in accidents have deal with immediate survival. But once a person in crippled from a wreck, or other calamity, they now will be unable to work, and thus, they will be facing huge bills with no new earning to help pay. If you are lucid, you need to start thinking about how you are going to pay for stuff. This is especially true when considering you were in a bicycle or motorcycle type of spill. In many of those cases, the rider suffers long term disability and permanent pain and suffering. So below we have included some tips on what to do immediately following a bad mishap besides retaining a personal injury lawyer.


  • When Should I Speak with An Attorney?
  • How Do I Know if I Have a Case?
  • How Much Would My Case Be Worth?
  • When Should I Talk to the Insurance Company?
  • But What if the Insurance Company Offers Me a Settlement?
  • How Do I Know What Attorney to Use?
  • How Much Money Will I be Charged?
  • Do I Need to Go to Court?
  • What if I Don’t Want to Sue?
  • Why Ehline Law?
  • What Work is Expected of Me?
  • Will This Take a Long Time?
  • But What if I Have an Attorney?
  • Do Auto Insurance Companies Make a Difference?
  • What Information do I Need for My First Meeting

  • When Should I Speak with An Attorney? – The answer is– when in doubt, call for more information. You do not want to throw away your legal rights by waiting several months for symptoms of an injury or a medical bill to roll in.
  • How Do I Know if I Have a Case? – However, if you have an injury due to the actions or inaction of another person you may have a strong personal injury case.
  • How Much Would My Case Be Worth? – There is often no exact way to pinpoint a dollar figure of your pain and anguish. However, by determining your medical bills, future expenses, and the results of your suffering, Ehline Law can determine how much you have been wronged and formulate a figure.

This can only occur after a full consultation and investigation. However, we often recover damages as a result of people’s:

  1. Medical bills, past and present
  2. Current and future lost wages
  3. Personal pain and suffering
  4. Pain of social stigma or disfigurement
  5. Physical or mental disability
  6. Loss of lifestyle
  7. Loss of love and affection of a loved one
  8. Out of pocket expenses
  9. Harassment by the reckless party or insurance company
  • When Should I Talk to the Insurance Company? Your insurance company or the one representing the defendant may wish to get a statement from you. However, such a statement is often used to manipulate the claims process in order to deny or reduce your compensation. You should only make a statement after consulting with an attorney in order to avoid a mistake that could cost the price of your recovery.
  • But What if the Insurance Company Offers Me a Settlement? There is no way to no if the settlement offer from an adjustor is fair until it is reviewed by a skilled lawyer. Ehline Law can assist in determining if the offer is fair or intended to shortchange you.
  • How Do I Know What Attorney to Use? Many people make the mistake of calling the first attorney they see a number of. In order to stand the bet chance of recovering, there is need for a specialized personal injury attorney with the experience and foresight to fight on your behalf. Ehline Law’s years of experience and hundreds of victories have seasoned us to focus on every part of your case. When dealing with a personal injury claim, there are many moving parts to consider. There are negotiations with the insurance company, dealing with government agencies, and the defendant. There is need for a firm case to be constructed with evidence. We can hire investigators and pay them out of pocket to create the most waterproof case we can. We can also front money to pay for medical expenses and find quality medical experts to treat you. At the end of the day, you would be lost without a skilled attorney.
  • How Much Money Will I be Charged? Ehline Law asks for no money up front and no money unless we win. We only ask for a fee based on your compensation, generally around one-third, or 33%. If we don’t win for you, we don’t get a cent. We make sure that you keep the money you need to live a fulfilling, recovered life. We don’t ask for a penny for consultations and will meet you anywhere, anyplace. You name an office, house, or hospital that you need to meet at, and we will be able to meet you, often within several hours. We can meet at any time, day or night, and over the weekend.
  • Do I Need to Go to Court? We will do our utmost to win our case for you out of court. Personal injury cases are usually settled out of court and we will do our best from keeping you out of the courtroom.
  • What if I Don’t Want to Sue? A skilled personal injury attorney knows that there is not always a lawsuit involved in these cases. There are circumstances where there is no clear fault or the plaintiff chooses not to sue. However, we will do everything in our power to assist in finding compensation from insurance companies, worker’s comp, disability, or another funding stream in which you are entitled.
  • Why Ehline Law? Ehline Law is an award winning firm headed by a former Marine that doesn’t know how to give in. He is a disabled veteran and fights for those that suffered severe injuries and has built a proven record. His knowledge of case law and precedent has made him a formidable presence in and out of the court. Ehline Law’s compassionate bedside manner has also forged close personal bonds with clients, helping push for a better settlement for injury victims. We’ve won hundreds of cases and recovered millions for our clients. We don’t give up.
  • What Work is Expected of Me? We will assist you with as much paperwork and legal issues as we can so that you can focus on your recovery. We will also partner with you to find information and conduct research that can help build your case and determine why and how the accident happened. We will be there for you in every step of this process.
  • Will This Take a Long Time? Every personal injury case is different and can vary with circumstances. The time needed to conclude could also involve whether the other party decides to settle or if it goes to court. The majority cases can be concluded in several months to a year. Some taken even longer, but these are less common.
  • But What if I Already Have an Attorney? If you have an attorney that you feel isn’t adequately representing you, you can fire him or her at any time. You may split any eventual fees between us and the other attorney. There is no reason that you wold have to pay more in fees whether you keep your current attorney or go with us. We can assist you if you have any questions.
  • Do Auto Insurance Companies Make a Difference? As Michael Ehline has written about, different auto insurance companies have very different reputations. There are dramatic differences in both rates and policies. Read more on this site for more information. Making sure that you have the best policy is the biggest assurance that you will have better coverage in case of an accident. Having the highest limits for liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist protection, and medical payments are all very important factors of a policy.
  • What Information do I Need for My First Meeting? Come with as much documentation as you can, but if you are unable to bring much due to your injury, we understand. If you have medical bills, insurance policies and bill, correspondence from the hospital, insurance company, or injuring party, we can help build the foundation of your case. If possible, these are very helpful:
  • Eyewitness accounts of the accident, including names, numbers, and addresses
  • All records of your vehicle and the other(s) involved
  • Documentation of your injury and all records
  • All correspondence from all parties
  • Documentation from insurance companies, including bills, policies, and correspondence
  • Any information about unsafe conditions at the site of the accident
  • Photos of injuries and all relevant details, including pain
  • Photos of all damage to your vehicle or property
  • Documentation of all damage to your vehicle and correspondence from mechanics or adjustors.

This site assists with general legal advice and is not intended as a substitute for speaking with an attorney. For more information or to set up a consultation, call Ehline Law today for a free review of your legal rights.