Pedestrian Safety in the City of Cars

US DOT and Michael Ehline

Ehline attends US traffic safety hearings.

Los Angeles is consistently ranked one of the most dangerous cities to walk in. This reputation is not improving any time soon. The LADOT outlines a number of walker safety issues in the city. The NY Times reported how the city is completely different on foot. The LA Times has a helpful map outlining many of the worst places to walk in the city. The City of Angels was built for car traffic. The auto will likely remain the king of the streets here.

A Homegrown Effort

However, local efforts to make pedestrian traffic safer emerged. This should help school kids and adults. One of them is a worthwhile program in West Hollywood. The WeHo effort is supported by basic facts.

The streets and sidewalks have thousands of drivers and walkers on them every day and night. This is especially the case at night, as the population doubles due to visitors.

Much of this issue is caused by jaywalking. The city also put in place a Crosswalk Safety Plan. This increased the number of stoplights and made crossing elements more visible. The Cross Safe WeHo effort is a worthwhile one. Many drivers blow through stop signs and lights in the city, causing a number of pedestrian accidents.

The effort has a number of pieces of advice for drivers. This includes reducing cell phone use. It also includes lower rates of racing. It also calls for drivers to look directly at walkers before going further. All of these efforts certainly help, as seen on their Facebook page.

Ehline Law supports the effort to make our city’s streets safer. Thus, even though this push is mainly in one part of the greater LA area, it is one that will likely grow over time. Furthermore, each part will reduce the number of crashes. This is vital for the city. In addition, each step may save a life. This role is in our hands. Each less crash is one less family dealing with death or serious injury. What is there not to like about that?