Great Escape Accident Just One of Many

Many companies hide their safety record and try to pay off the accident victims quickly. This often does not take into account long term injuries or other issues. In many cases, it does not solve the underlying issue that caused the accident in the first place.

Massive Bankruptcy Follows Massive Suits In Re Takata

Consumers still on the hook for injuries or replacements from Takata still have a chance. However, the window is closing. Bankruptcy laws may lock in existing suits and prevent future ones from having an effect. Even if the cases are allowed to proceed, the diminishing assets may make recovery very difficult.

The End of the Uber Model in View?

All of these factors alone may kill any other company. Considering the long line of legal issues and lies from Uber, this may be the last straw. Its other officers implicated in similar actions, the company may be better off just starting from scratch.

When Can an Attorney Decline a Client?

They don’t get any less heartbreaking just because the client might not earn me as much money. On the contrary, such cases are an example of defending public trust through medical accountability. The actions we take now prevent similar future accidents and errors.

What Happens When a Robot is in an Accident?

Volvo, Google, and Mercedes-Benz have all already stated that they’ll take responsibility for any accidents involving their vehicles. Going to court over the specifics about a computer’s decision making doesn’t look good from the outside looking in.

The New California Gun Control Laws and Increase in Personal Injuries

In addition, they should be aware of the potential of the state to continue cracking down on individuals doing no more than exercising their constitutional rights. A person exercising a lawful right now risks serious injury and death in a greater amount.

Hero Dog Saves Wedding Party from Suicide Bomber

It is unfortunate that we don’t even know the dog’s name. Surely the dog is well known and thanked by the wedding party for what they did. It goes to show that the price to pay against Islamist terror is constant vigilance. We all have a role to play in stopping such violence. The dog took it more seriously than some of our leaders in Washington.

What is the Best Harley Davidson for Short Riders?

Furthermore, both Dynas and Softails offer options for shorter riders. Low riders, in general, allow some more flexibility for such a small rider.

California’s New Traffic Laws and You

It is not clear how the laws will function in the real world. Some, like protections for ride sharing consumers, are well overdue. It also follows other locations outright banning the practice. Changes to charter vehicles are also past due but likely do not go far enough.

How Do I Sue Berkeley’s Mayor for Free Speech Violations?

He is a member of By Any Means Necessary, a group which incited riots nationwide. The group fought with Neo-Nazis in California last year, causing injuries.