Overreaching LAPD to Tone Down Harassing of Pedestrians



Los Angeles has not gained a reputation for being pedestrian friendly due to its common traffic issues and jammed intersections. Often it is easier to pick up a cab than have to cross multiple boulevards. Even the perfect weather cannot convince many to walk as much as they’d like to. The city government itself has made it increasingly difficult to walk through various parts of the city, especially with its controversial pedestrian ticketing.

Jaywalking Cash Cow

Many cities make jaywalking illegal, but only enforce when pedestrian traffic becomes unsafe. Other cities often cite Those that cross in the middle of a street in traffic or put their own lives in danger. The Los Angeles law and enforcement are likely the strictest in the nation, with thousands getting cited for tickets that often range between $190 to $250. The LA Times recently published an article in which many of those that received the 17,000 pedestrian tickets feel “mugged.” The author cited hundreds of letters written in response to a recent ticket case, with 90% being against the constant barrage of tickets.

“Ticket Poaching” and the Hidden Ordinances

Particularly troubling has been the concept of ticket poaching for violations of ordinances most people don’t even know to exist. One is that walkers are not allowed to enter into the crosswalk while the red counter is ticking down. Instead of crossing when they believe it is allowed and safe, many get slapped with heavy fines.

Another recent LA Times article shown a light on a policy that many pedestrians say is preventing them from walking. Constant construction, old habits, and such laws have made the city much less walkable than other major metropolitan areas.

Outraged Citizens Forcing the Change?

Now KPCC is reporting that the city might be changing its point of view on the situation. After significant public outcry, the City Council is considering overhauling the antiquated system.

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