Eleven Children and Adults Struck by 100 Year-Old Driver in South L.A.

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By: Michael P. Ehline, Esq. I was watching the news yesterday, and have been listening to the reports all day today. Another case of a senior citizen driver completely out of it. In my opinion, seniors are causing more and more accidents, and doing strange, absent minded things behind the wheel; and this is at an epidemic level. According to fire officials eleven people were injured when a 100 year-old driver jumped a curb in the vicinity of an elementary school.

The Los Angeles Wreck Happened Right By a School!

Fire officials said most of the injured were children in the accident that occurred at approximately 2:30 p.m. outside of the Main Street Elementary School. The school is located at the intersection of 53rd Street and main in South Los Angeles. And this is why senior citizen drivers need to be tested more, or something. This is an ongoing problem.

Boys Were Taken to USC With Injuries

The scene of the crash was a silver sedan that hopped the curb and came to rest on the sidewalk after injuring four boys between the ages of 4 years old and 11, who were seriously injured. The boys were transported to County USC with suffering serious injuries. All of the injured are stable and expected to make a full recovery, officials said, they added that none of the children became trapped under the vehicle or had to be extricated. No word on whether an attorney for the injuries has been retained yet. But based upon these facts, it seems certain to follow.

The 100 year-old driver, Preston Carter, did not appear to have been injured, fire officials said. Carter said he was backing out of a Food 4 Less supermarket parking lot, when his brakes allegedly failed. According to some witnesses, Carter was honking his horn at children that were running behind his vehicle as he was attempting to back up. The witnesses said he appeared to become frustrated and then lost control of the car. So here we have conflicting statements, and probably this old guy was negligent, or reckless in continuing to operate the vehicle if the jury believes some, but not others, of the non biased witnesses.

The Old Man Even Had a Valid License

Carter’s family members said that while he has a valid driver’s license, his days of driving are over. No duh. According to authorities the cause of the crash remains under investigation. But in other reports, other witnesses say the old guy was out of it, and he said he didn’t even know he ran anyone over. This is just crazy! What do you think? Under California law, although he is innocent until proven guilty, typically older drives have already gained a history of bad driving. If this is so, a negligence attorney could easily argue this is a case of recklessness and possibly criminal negligence, and get court ordered restitution payments, in addition to negligence money damages. An editorial by Michael P. Ehline, Esq.