Musk and the Boring Machine

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Name the Boring Machine

SpaceX founder Elon Musk provided the world a unique opportunity. He wants help naming his mysterious new tunnel machine. Musk’s been pretty close to the vest about his new venture. The public doesn’t know much apart from his intention to start a new project. Considering his recent talks with President Trump and cryptic tweets, he’s up to something.

Apparently, his project is in California. In addition, he is seeking public support. The Huffington Post reported on his recent tweet. He asked for help naming the new machine. Tweeters sent a flurry of responses. They included serious and not so serious replies.

What is Musk’s Tunnel Project?

Not much else is known about the potential project. Musk wants it in Southern California. It may be related to his hyperloop idea. Musk asked state and local authorities about permitting. Wired had a few photos of the project online. The photos don’t show a lot but give an insight into the scale of the project. Each one of these clues points to something bigger. See below for a photo of one of the machines involved.

Whoever put up the picture also deleted it right after. There’s been a lot of talk regarding the application of such a project. It is unclear whether it serves a densely populated area, although that seems likely. The cost is also a mystery. Each part of this project has a certain feel about it, which Musk intends. This follows a number of other initiatives, including a planned trip to the moon.

We watch these types of stories closely at Ehline Law. We’re really interested in Musks’ ventures and space travel. Hopefully, this project will benefit all of the country, but especially here in SoCal. Keep it here for more info as it happens. We’ll watch the story closely.

Tunnel Machine

Musk’s Boring Machine