What is the Best Harley Davidson for Short Riders?

Furthermore, both Dynas and Softails offer options for shorter riders. Low riders, in general, allow some more flexibility for such a small rider.

Pre Ride Checklist for Motorcyclists

Another common method to check how good your spark plugs are working is by checking the plugs against your engine block. You take out the spark plug, rest its electrode against the engine block and wait to see a nice blue spark. It the blue spark is not there, it might be your spark plug creating problems in the smooth operation of your motorcycle.

Risk of Severe Injury and Death Sharply Increase

Children’s injuries in motorcycle accidents could be caused by many factors. There have been cases when childrens’ safety equipment, including jackets and helmets were improperly constructed, leading to severe injury or even death. In other cases, motorcycle companies did not properly take in the shift in center of gravity that riding with children could create. Furthermore, other drivers, especially those under the influence or distracted, could have caused the accident due to their carelessness.

Rising Gas Prices Means More Motorcycle Accidents

When crashes, in which there was a party at fault, were analyzed it was found out that they were caused more by people between the age of 16 and 24.

Safest Motorbikes for User Experience

Motorcycle accidents of this type would fall under product liability law with the assistance of a reputable attorney practicing in this area of the law.

Road Manners in Motorcycle Group Riding Safety

However, they make up an important part of the ways to avoid injury. It can also put you in a better position to prevent drunk and aggressive drivers. Keep all of these in mind each time you get behind the bars and hit the open road. Keep riding safe and alert, America.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is for Bikers and Drivers Awareness

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How to Safely Operate Your Motor Cycle

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