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All injuries to the nervous system are particularly important. The risk from damage to the spinal cord is severe. This is especially so when coupled with the accidents that caused them. We see that auto accidents are the primary reason for back injuries when we are faced with these problems. This is true in this country and in Europe today. (Also shown by recent statistics.)

Other major causes for spinal cord injuries come from work-related accidents. Categories include falling off of ledges and ladders. Children can also suffer these types of accidents when jumping into swimming pools or hot tubs. Many of these back injuries are apparent while others will grow over years into a severe case.

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Suffer a Los Angeles Spine Injury?

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This type of injury is often very severe. It is vital that you get it diagnosed right away. Even if you think it’s just a case of whiplash or Facet Joint Syndrome treat it with urgency. Spinal cord injuries are also known as an SCI. An SCI can lead to the worst type of suffering. This can be due to a severe accident. It will often cause systemic pain and function loss.

These types of injury can often permanently hinder a person’s ability to get around. Things like work, maintaining social standing, or having a stable social life are threatened. These hindrances can even lead to suicide. These types of disability are different than other impairments. Loss of spinal cord function can make people especially vulnerable to financial ruin and mounting medical bills. You don’t want to be in this fight alone.

  • What is the Spinal Cord?

The spinal cord is the cord of nervous tissue that extends from the brain lengthwise along the back in the vertebral canal, gives off the pairs of spinal nerves, carries impulses to and from the brain, and serves as a center for initiating and coordinating many reflex acts.

What Parts Does the Spine Consist Of?

The spinal column is attached at the neck, connecting the brain to all nerves, from lower part of the back down to the tailbone. The spine is primarily grouped in into 3 parts:

  • Lumbar –
  • Thoracic – The thoracic spine is the part of the vertebral column centered in the mid to lower back.
  • Cervical – Travels from the brain stem area into nerve branches of your limbs and organs. This sends and receives signals to your body. The cervical spine is responsible for carrying the electrical signal to the rest of the body. When the nerves are pressed down, such as in a compression, a person could be paralyzed and lose sensation.

Types of Spinal Cord Injury – Herniated Disc & Disc Bulge

These types of injuries could take any form. This is not usually caused by a simple accident. It usually takes a sharp bump or strike. This could tear, dislocate, or compress the nerves of the spine. This can cause the signals to the nerves to malfunction.

The material that makes the spinal cord pliable and supple in between the vertebrae can become compressed with the right types of forces. It may even degenerate during a jarring incident itself. Herniated disc injuries are also known in the medical community as ruptured discs.

Other names include bulging discs, and disc protrusions. The g-forces often involved here can cause the discs to violently shift out of place. This can result in a condition known as a “slipped” disc. This is also a condition known as “herniation.”

The higher up the base of the neck the damage, the worse the symptoms. This area can become dull and be coupled with paralysis. This nerve compression can be painful. It could cut off pain receptors entirely. This could increase the risk of skin burns. Some dulled sensory injuries like this can even lead to the need to surgically fuse the bones together.

This is known as spinal fusion surgery.

Common Complaints.

Common back trauma includes the effects of pressure on the spinal nerves. This means bulging disc injuries such as constant back, leg, neck, and shoulder pain.

Don’t Be Fooled By Adrenaline

Right after the accident a victim’s body produces adrenaline. This can cause a feeling of euphoria that covers up the extent of the injuries. This natural human response makes us able to flight or flight but can confuse the situation. After the adrenaline wears off the victim is often faced with severe pain. Typically the pain radiates into their backs, feet, legs, hands. It may also lead to other parts of the body. This can make the situation worse. This is especially so if not checked out by a doctor from the start.

Problems With X-Rays In Determining True Damage and Importance of MRI or CT Scan

X-Rays are only capable of taking a photo of hard tissue and can see some issues, such as a cervical lordosis, often found in whiplash, or a similar modality. An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or CT scan can see the damaged tissue itself.

Importance of Taking an Ambulance to the Hospital.

This is one of the top steps after a severe injury. An ambulance can take you to the hospital for X-rays, Cat scans, MRIs, and other tests. This will make sure that you are checked out immediately and stabilized. Often people that are faced with such a severe crash or accident will not seek treatment or hire an attorney. This can lead to insurance company attorneys taking advantage of victims and claiming that the injuries are faked to reduce or eliminate all payments!

Importance of Legal Advice From Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers.

The Ehline Law Firm stands ready to take on your claim. Our many locations across California and leading attorney, Michael Ehline, makes us a force to be reckoned with in the LA area. We have earned a 98% success rating in recovering compensation for serious back injuries.

Our expertise in and out of the courtroom sets us apart. Our trial attorneys, like Gary Dordick, can take the properly arranged case to court and do our best. We try to avoid trials and get the maximum recovery without having to see a judge and jury. Our lead attorney tried three cases to the jury as a Certified Law Student and as a law and motion paralegal before even attending law school.

Ehline’s study under several personal injury attorneys over 5 years offered him examples of how to compile evidence, conduct discovery, read, review, and create a synopsis of medical records and reports. The firm also uses the Physician’s Desk Reference almost every day. Our knowledge of the law and medicine makes us viable in the courtroom and to back your claim. We don’t get paid a dime unless you win your case.

Tutorial Review – What Money Can I Get For My Spinal Cord Injury?

If a person suffers a form of paralysis, like paraplegia, or quadriplegia, he or she will require a custom tailored devices like wheel chair lifts, special urinals, a specialized van or bus, and could need to modify their home to make it ADA compliant. If the afflicted party is a still developing minor, they will eventually outgrow the equipment, and replacements will need to be purchased. This can result in runaway expenses and could bankrupt families.

The victim may not always be ale to pay these costs and should not have to if it was not your fault. The right counsel can prove who caused this accident or injury and hold them accountable. This can include money for medical bills, future treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, future earning capacity, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages.

Liability insurance companies try to trick the public jury pool into thinking that newer cars prevent all serious injuries. These companies hope to prevent a victim from receiving full compensation. They fail to mention that modern cars cause the force of the impact to transfer to the car occupants.

The Fight for Stronger Vehicle Bumpers.

Ironically, it is the insurance industry who led the fight to make bumpers stronger. They did this in order to avoid paying property damage claims for bumpers. They basically fought to eliminate the crumple zone. This allows the forces to travel into the passengers.

No longer is there this crumple zone that helps stop or mitigate the impact’s inertia. Insurance companies now persist that almost all motor vehicle rear-end accidents are too minor (“fender benders”) for payouts or even fraud.

They now insist the visible damage does not support the damages claimed. Insurance companies will often accuse the victim of failing to treat or not treating enough their injuries. It is a no win situation for a person to take on alone. These types of accidents cause thousands of injuries every year. A serious back injury can cause lost work and future income as well as unseen future issues such as loss of mobility and obesity.

Going it alone without a certified attorney can be the end of your case. Only the finest injury attorneys can help. Ehline Law Firm of Los Angeles can assist you through this tough time. Call us today for a no-pressure consultation at no charge at 888-400-9721.

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