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Bus accidents in the maritime city of Long Beach occur from an assortment of causes or actions. Any of these incidents can result in injuries. Also, the injured victim will require those Long Beach bus accident attorneys with experience and resources. There are common causes of bus accidents; they include negligence and improper vehicle maintenance.

After being involved in a calamity that results in bodily or mental injuries, it is important to speak with experienced counsel. There are many types of buses that frequent this great city. So these include party buses, tour and municipally run bus lines. Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC has the skill and drive to build your case. So you know we get results. Also, we will keep you apprised of the goings on in your case.

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Long Beach Bus Driver Negligence Issues.

Operating a bus on the congested city streets of Long Beach, or on the twisting mountain roads can be hazardous. More dangerous is when the bus driver is not completely focused and alert. So the bus driver when not alert can make serious errors. Ultimately, this places the passengers at risk. Also, these mistakes or driver errors can include traveling over the speed limit and driving aggressively in inclement weather. After a bus accident, our Long Beach accident attorneys will do a complete investigation of the crash. Once retained, we do this on behalf of the injured victim. So right away, we will discover if negligence played a role.

The Most Common Forms of Long Beach Bus Driver Negligence Include:

  • Unsafe Lane Changes by the Long Beach Transit System Bus Driver: During a scheduled route the bus pulls over to the right of the road to pick up and discharge passengers. When the bus driver does not check the oncoming traffic, it can result in a bus accident.
  • Bus Drivers that are Distracted: The distracted bus driver puts the passengers at risk. Also, the risk of a bus crash dramatically increases when distracted. Distractions include changing the radio, eating, and texting or talking on a cell phone. All of this means the bus driver does not get focused on the road or traffic.
  • Driver Fatigue: The law requires commercial drivers to keep log records. Furthermore, these include the amount of sleep they have had. Also, they document the hours they are on the road. This log can become falsified in some cases. So this means the driver is attempting to meet impractical schedules. Bus driver fatigue increases the risk of a bus accident. Hence, it is negligent for them to be on the road. An accident by a fatigued driver could mean the bus company or owner can get held accountable.
  • Going Over the Speed Limit: The bus driver over the speed limit will have a difficult time braking, and making turns. Speeding raises the risk of being involved in a bus accident.
  • Driving Under the Influence: When a bus driver is under the influence, they put the passengers at risk to be injured. Also, they can be held criminally liable for operating the bus while under the influence. Bus companies or bus owners can become responsible for actions of the driver. Especially true is the case when the driver got hired with a bad driving history. Maybe the driver even had DUI offenses.

Maintenance and Defective Bus Parts.

There are bus accidents when the driver loses control of the bus. And this is when it is crucial for the cause to get determined. Also, there are cases where improper maintenance is the cause. Other reasons include defective steering, faulty brakes or broken engine parts. The Long Beach mischance requires counsel who will conduct investigations. Most of all, this ensures the responsible or liable parties get held accountable. They must pay for their actions or non-actions. If not but for this negligence, their actions would not have led to or contributed to the bus tragedy.

These parties that can be liable include the:

  • Bus company or bus owner.
  • The company responsible for mechanisms.
  • Mechanic or car repair shop.
  • Bus manufacturer of a poor or defective design.
  • Defective parts manufacturer.

Negligent Motor Vehicle Drivers.

Some bus accidents get caused by the careless or reckless driver of another vehicle. Often the bus driver cannot maneuver around the wreck. So this could be a driver who ran a red light. Perhaps another driver was speeding, distracted or under the influence? Irrespective of this, the motor vehicle driver causing a bus accident can be responsible. Also, in some cases, the bus company or owner’s insurance company can be liable. But you need to get legal help to understand your rights.

Why Have the Representation of Long Beach Bus Accident Attorneys?

When you have gotten involved in a commercial city bus incident, it is important to speak with a legal eagle. The law limits the amount of time to file a bus accident injury claim. And the bus company(ies), and the insurance company(ies) will fight it. Usually, they have a team of “thieves with suits on.” Mostly, these are lawyers representing their interests. But they also use adjusters to browbeat victims into submission. However, in cases of disputed claims, our attorneys possess extraordinary litigation skills. Hence, they can help you to recover the maximum amount of compensation under the law.

Our viable representatives focus on the client recovering the compensation that they deserve. Their injuries matter. So we fight to get them money. This is for the damages and losses they have suffered. For a free, no-obligation review, reach us toll-free at (888) 400-9721.

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