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Were you or a family member harmed or injured at work, maybe even in a car, truck or bus accident in the City of Huntington Beach? Was someone else responsible for causing the injuries that you or your loved one suffered? Are you worried about the terrible turn of events in your living situation since your serious injury? The time for worrying is over.

Ehline Law Firm PC has multiple years of experience in high quality representation of individuals and families injured in or near California beach cities. We have offices to handle car accidents in Los Angeles all the way down to San Diego and National City. When you are in need of excellent legal representation, we are the firm one calls for help. Read more to learn why or call now at 888.400.9721.

Personal Injury in Huntington Beach?

The law firm focuses on personal injury law, with educated knowledge in the areas of personal injuries stemming from the unique perils presented in Huntington Beach, which are wide-ranging. The law firm represents clients of minor mishaps to catastrophic accidents.

Let a Real Legal Pro From HB Help You

Attorney Michael Ehline grew up surfing Huntington. You see, his uncle Guy owned Wind N’ Sea Surfboards on the North Side of the pier. In summer, Michael would stay at the shop, skate at night, surf in the day on a Hurley and see surf movies at the now defunct surf theater. This is his stomping ground, and domain from youth.

Ehline still hits the waves on Goldenwest, and when he isn’t doing that, he is busy putting his impressive standing in the courts and local bars to work for people hurt by all types of negligence and intentional conduct that could have been avoided if careless people had only taken care. Ehline has been involved in recovering over $30,000,000 dollars in monetary recovery for victims of things like spine and brain injuries, and things like bad burns to your skin.

With an impressive record like this, it is no wonder he and the firm have received various top awards such as the Super Lawyers Rising Star for several years in a row, as well as accolades as a Million Dollar Advocate, member of Circle of Legal Trust and vaunted Personal Injury Warriors International. The combination of being a local, and being an excellent attorney should be able to help put your legal matter into the pole position for success. Why not call us right now at 888-400-9721?

Accidents peculiar to Huntington include:

  • Toxic Chemical Exposure
  • Dog bites at Goldenwest Street
  • Battery and Assault on Main Street
  • Drowning while undergoing surfing lessons
  • Drowning while boating or sight seeing on water vessels
  • Hit and run type automobile wrecks along Pacific Coast Highway
  • Cross walk accidents all along Goldenwest Street, including jaywalkers

Of course the above bullet-points above represent a token percentage of some of the more well know types of injuries that are quite common to most beach communities with a boardwalk, a dog beach, water-sports and sun bathing. There are less well known types of injuries we will see in high traffic areas like Huntington, such as:

  • Food Poisoning at any number of dining facilities along Main Street
  • Kidnapping or rape of adult females or teens
  • Kidnapping or rape of children
  • Drug related crimes
  • Bedbugs

There is no complete list of what could go wrong, but you can rest assured that there is no case too complex or too large for our law firm to represent. Our excellent advocates and legal staff, are committed to being conscientious of the client’s needs and providing individualized legal assistance to understand every element of your important case. Many personal injury law firms do not provide the level of personalize care we show our clients, but to not be fooled.

When pursuing your case we will be aggressive in our negotiations and litigate the lawsuit at trial, when a settlement agreement cannot be made in the injured victims’ best interests. We have earned the promising legal standing, known for protecting the rights of our clients. Contact the legal firm of Ehline Law Firm PC to discuss your case and let us evaluate your legal options.

We help inflate the chances of getting maximum dollars for your serious afflictions by taking these steps:

  • You pay no money in advance: If we don’t get you paid, we don’t get any money for our efforts. Contingency fee lawyers like us, are “in it to win it.”
  • Our Firm makes it as painless for you as can be. Being banged up, or in a hospital with serious wounds, is enough of a headache to deal with. We worry about your recompense and make that our priority. This means your priority is healing. We are convenient to you as well. We can go to your home, work, wherever you are, to protect your legal interests. We know you will be utterly satisfied with the speed and effortlessness with which we reclaim what is rightly yours. We focus on your case like a laser-beam and you focus on getting better.
  • Our Firm Only Hires the Best Specialists and experts. When needed, we have been known to retain world famous experts in bio mechanics, accident reconstruction, medicine, and more. This helps us build a powerful case that can achieve large verdicts and settlements in comparison to not taking steps with the right professionals.
  • Experts On Legal Issues. Our serious mishaps lawyers are astute, learned sages in their prospective fields of law. When adjustors try and worm their way out of paying, we point out why our case wins big on the law when applied to the facts. Once they know they are dealing with a proven warrior, they have no choice but to deal from a fairer deck.
  • We don’t leave you in the lurch. Our staff of paralegals, secretaries and attorneys, handle your case with care. We return calls promptly, and do all we can to make you feel appreciated and informed as to the goings on. All our client files are worked on by real attorneys, with the assistance of qualified experts, legal clerks, paralegals and investigators. We place great esteem in building a lifelong partnership with you. Accordingly, we handle all requests from our clients with speed and intensity and keep you updated.
  • We Offer a free no hassle legal consultation. We will go to you if need be, on order to build your insurance and court claims.
  • We aren’t afraid to fight anybody. Ehline Law is hardcore. We will go to battle for you to reclaim wealth and sustenance from all wrongdoers and evil parties. Big or small, no battle goes without our mettle testing the very limits of our adversary. Big corporations who hurt the little guy beware. Ehline law firm is standing post. That goes for government entities, big corporations, and others who deal harm and malaise to innocent citizens.
  • Millions reclaimed We have recovered millions in verdicts, and settlements and we want to add you to this proven record of success.
  • Our Attorneys are Circle Of Legal Trust Rated the greatest award a lawyer can get in the Google-verse, is recognition of other tier one socially active attorneys. We have achieved this peer recognition.

We Also Help Residents and Passersby With:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Auto and truck collisions
  • Defective products
  • Dog bite attacks
  • Employment law
  • Sexual harassment
  • Brain injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Toxic mold exposure
  • Work related mishaps
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Wrongful death

Dedication to Clients in Huntington Beach, California

Get the legal advice you need and get fair treatment in court with the most powerful defendants, whether it is a large corporation, big insurance company, pharmaceutical manufacturer or other influential company. It is essential to have quality legal representation against these large and powerful entities protected by their team of lawyers. Huntington Beach residents have the legal right to hold corporations and other entities responsible in court when they act careless, reckless or otherwise negligent by producing unsafe products, stealing from employees, or polluting the environment.

Our lawyers are dedicated to fight for justice for community residents and to help the legal system be stronger, by only taking cases to trial, when a negotiated settlement cannot be reached for an amount of compensation the client deserves for their injuries and damages. We fight the large corporations that attempt to avoid their legal responsibilities, their tactics that are used to weaken the legal protection of the average individual through their carelessness or gross negligence.