How Many Accidents Were Caused by Pokemon Go?

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Pokemon Go is Not Just a Child’s Game

Distracted car driver on a cell phone.

Distracted car driver on a cell phone.

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games on the market. The newest generation of the franchise is sweeping the U.S. and beyond. Players seek out rare types of Pokemon in real world situations. This kind of game is often referred to as ‘augmented reality.’ However, the expanded section of this game is causing many issues. Furthermore, there were many injuries and accidents due to the match.

The Ehline Law Firm compiled a list of accidents caused by the game. Read below for more info. Email us to add to the list.

According to the UK Daily Mail, there were over 100,000 car accidents due to the game. The news reported on a study by researchers. These researchers stated that over 113,000 accidents happened in just the first ten days after Nintendo released the game.

What are the Reported Accidents Caused Pokemon Go Players?

  • WAFB reported on a case in Maryland in July 2016.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that a woman died due to a crash caused by the game.
  • In Australia, a driver crashed into a school while distracted by the game. The Guardian reported on the incident.
  • even compiled a list of the number of injuries and accidents caused by the game.
  • This includes a case in Alabama where a Pokemon Go player was robbed at gunpoint, reported in local media.
  • CBS 19 reported on a case where parents abandoned their two-year-old child to play the game. The child was crying for two hours while their parents were out.
  • Fox 10 saw a case where one player pranked others. This led to their phone thrown into a lake.
  • The San Diego Tribune ran a story about two men rescued by firemen. They fell off a 90-foot bluff while playing the game.
  • CNBC reported on a second fatal accident caused by the game in Japan.

Above are merely the reported incidents. We assume there are many more calamities that go unreported. As attorneys we get calls like this all the time. So we know.