Android – The Little Device that Distracts

Android and distracted driving

No Distracted Driving Sign, Red stop sign with words Distracted Driving and accident icon with stormy sky background

In some ways, the proliferation of smartphone connected watches is very positive. In others, it is a Pandora’s box of potential accidents. At every turn the new smart watches are dangerous. They often turn their heads to check the watch into a routine, even while driving a car or motorcycle.

This is less safe than even the traditional phone. At least with the phone a person has to pick it up in order to speak into it or use its apps. Not so much with the new watches.

The Android Wear is very popular. The new phase of watches probably is even more popular. CNet reported on some of the tips and tricks to use the new watch. Unfortunately, this also includes distracted driving. According to the NHTSA, this is one of the worst causes of car accidents across the nation. Distracted driving affects people of all ages and driving experience levels.

Such crashes increased over the last ten years, in large part due to cell phone use. Don’t think that smart watches will reduce the trend. Instead, their heavier use is more likely to cause increased crashes across the country. Almost 3,200 people died due to distracted driving in 2014 alone.

Means of a Crash.

So what makes the new smartwatch trend so dangerous? Part of this involves the way that people use phones and watches today. Phones require a conscious effort to use. As a result, some people choose not to use them while driving. They understand that it causes distraction. People use watches in a different way.

Sometimes people use these devices without realizing it. Drivers used to checking the time on their wrist may think nothing of using their watch to check a sports score. They may think nothing of changing the settings on their smartwatch. All of these cause crashes.

For more information on preventing smartwatch crashes, please read our site. We’ve done research on a variety of causes of crashes. This is especially the case for distracted driving and its many effects.