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A Magnet for Passenger Tragedies:

Glendale is located along a high traffic corridor for municipal and charter buses. Ehline Law Firm PC specializes in suing and recovering money for victims of errant bus drivers, as well as negligent manufacturing companies who release defective buses into the stream of commerce. Even if you were handicapped person hurt on a low rise bus, we can help. The alarming national and local statistics apply to the City of Glendale as well. Approximately sixty (60%) percent of bus related mishaps are with other motorized mechanisms of transport, and almost a quarter (1/4) involve people on foot, such as those standing at bus stops.

Bus Companies Have Big Time Lawyers, So Should You

There is a group in the United States that represents busing industry members and as a group will represent the members of the busing industry in their best financial interest. This is not in the best interest of passengers that have been injured in a bus accident. Our experienced Glendale, California bus accident attorneys believe that passenger safety and security comes first, this should be the priority of the busing industry and bus operators.

Bus Passengers Are Not Always Safe

Most passengers believe they are safe when they travel on local, long distance and tour buses. Passengers and parents take for granted that the bus driver has been well trained and is a safe driver. This is often not the case, and Glendale bus accident attorneys have learned that in bus catastrophes, there can be driver behavior that is negligent, including operating the bus while under the influence. The negligent behavior of the bus driver puts the passengers at risk for being involved in a wreck. There are other causes of crashes involving the bus driver, which includes driving aggressively during dangerous weather conditions and mechanical issues.

Other Causes of Bus Wrecks in Glendale

Bus and commuter public transport Accidents can be caused by numerous compounding factors including driver negligence, defective manufacturing of buses and negligent repair and maintenance. Some of the most common causes of bus accidents of Glendale are as follows:

  • Driver Error – This includes texting, chatting on a mobile phone, speeding and other driver distractions.
  • Vehicle Defects – Like malfunctioning safety equipment, bad tires, bad anchor bolts on the seats, etc.
  • DUI/DWI – Includes prescription drugs like Vicodin, Valium. Beer, Marijuana, etc.
  • Poor maintenance and negligent repair work – includes retreads and non conforming, aftermarket parts.
  • Roadway Defects – Includes substantially changed conditions since the original engineering approval.
  • Faulty Roadway Construction Work – Includes Cal Trans worker negligence.

If you, your kids, grandparent, or your wage earning spouse was a casualty of a cataclysmic event on a bus, our Glendale legal counsel will go to climb the highest mountain and swim the greatest sea, to achieve a legal victory for you, to assure you of the largest compensation award under California state and federal law.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Glendale Bus Mishap

Litigating a bus accident claim for a wounded bystander, or occupant riding a bus, of even a person on another conveyance, such as a bicyclist, motorcycle rider or even a skateboarder, for example, will require a thorough investigation before filing the actual court lawsuit. This is because there could be multiple at fault parties, such as a bad driver, the bus company, the maintenance company, and the builder of the machine and machinery of the large, metal behemoth that some lawyers refer to as “steel coffins”. In the case of a municipal bus, one has the added hurdle of abiding by the “tort claims act”, since you are suing a government entity.

Call To Action Checklist:

  • Make a Beeline to a Lawyer: As soon as, or during your hospital stay, you should be on the phone with a qualified bus accident attorney. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of “witness memory fade,” of a witness dying, or evidence being lost or destroyed, or of you blowing the statute of limitations. This means understanding the difference between the filing guidelines of private, versus public transportation requirements and deadlines.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene.
  • Take pictures of your bodily injuries and bruising every few days, etc.
  • Keep a journal.
  • Don’t discuss the case on social sites like Facebook, or Google Plus. In fact, ONLY discuss the case with a confidante, who owes you a duty not to divulge anything you tell them. (aka a lawyer.)
  • In cases of school bus tragedy, make sure your children are not bullied or harassed by administrators or school lawyers.

The Most Common Unfortunate Situations Involving Bus Transport In Glendale

There is an endless list of bodily harm that can result from a bus incident. First off, since these are such gigantic, heavy conveyances, these particular crashes can lead to fatalities, coma and permanent disability. Below Are a Few of The Other Afflictions Passengers are Confronted With:

  • Friction Burns
  • Fractures – Teeth, Jaw, Leg, etc.
  • Head Injury
  • Disc Injuries to the Spine – Or Whiplash and Cervical Lordosis
  • Disfigurement of the Face From Crushing Blows and Abrasions that Cause Scars and Neuron Fading
  • Hematoma, Internal Bleeding, Heart Failure, Heart Attack, etc.


Getting A Legal Aide

When you have been involved in a bus accident in Glendale, you have the right to hold the negligent party responsible. The negligent party can be the bus operator or the bus company that was negligent. The bus accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC have the experience that is necessary to protect the injured victim’s rights in bus accident cases. Our attorneys can review your case, answer any questions and provide you with the best legal representation. In order to schedule a free and no obligation consultation with our attorneys, call us toll-free at 888-400-9721.

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