Facts About Common Injuries To Children

Baby injured?

Matt Cutts probably was injured as a baby too

Our firm is asked virtually every day about impairment to children, and why kids seem to get hurt so often. Children, because of their young age and lack of experience, have increased vulnerability to uncontrollable events. It’s easy to understand, they haven’t had the real-world, common sense type lessons we adults have had to help us stay out of danger.

Undeveloped Physiology

As the caregivers, children need us to keep them safe wherever they go and with whatever they use or play with. In turn, we adults foreseeably rely on manufacturers, business owners, and municipalities to provide a safe environment we shouldn’t have to worry about. Another reason for the alarming number of accidents and injuries to children is their physiology. A child’s head is disproportionately large compared to the rest of their small bodies. (See above illustration) They also tend to have a higher center of gravity, smaller, more fragile bones, and muscles that are not fully developed.

Specially Designed Products for Kids

For these reasons, the products they use must be specifically designed with them in mind such as bicycles causing bike injuries to children. If one of these products fails or does not take the child’s special needs into consideration, it may result in catastrophic injury to the child when it would merely hurt an adult. The same is true for household products, paint on children’s toys, and the fabric used in children’s clothing. To the little body of a child, a small amount of chemicals or toxins can kill. A small amount of lead in the paint used on a child’s toy can be poisonous and bring on several months of suffering the effects of lead poisoning.

Child Injuries in General

Any child injury lawyer will tell you that most deaths and injuries to children are caused by automobile accidents in the United States; this according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). It’s sad to note that estimates show that around four children die every day in car crashes and almost 600 are injured (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Injuries and deaths are not limited to car crashes. Accidents involving bicycles, personal watercraft, household products, cooking accidents (burns, fires, and scalding), and drowning occur far too often and claim too many young lives. According to the CDC, emergency rooms see more than 200,000 children each reporting year; most for injuries due to accidents on playgrounds and at schools where they are supervised. Accidental drownings sometimes end in non-fatal injuries involving the water submersion. Sometimes there are injuries due to abuse of children in foster care homes and they are usually sensationally reported in the news.

Remedies and Causes

Children can also suffer traumatic brain injuries like concussions, skull fractures, or penetrating injuries from accidents, slip and falls, or even simply falling off a bicycle without wearing their helmets. Finally, lead poisoning is not limited to the recent developments involving the paint used on some children’s toys made in China. Some homes still have paint that contains lead; some homeopathic remedies still contain lead; even the soil around your home may contain lead. All have the potential to poison your child. If your kid is physically compromised in any way including any of the ways described above, you need to contact legal counsel immediately. We can evaluate your case and establish who the responsible parties may be during the consultation. Call us now at 1-888-400-9721.

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