The Crime of Elder Abuse

Prisoner with bad bruises on white

Prisoner with bad bruises on white

Elderly abuse is a crime and when there is evidence of this type of crime committed against an older adult in any California city. The protective services agency division for the elder or infirm, will refer the matter to the appropriate division of law enforcement authorities to investigate the allegations when there is reasonable cause to believe a crime has occurred. If there is evidence that there was a crime committed, the abuser will be prosecuted. This protection for those in old age, is provided throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Francisco and Los Angeles County, California and the rest of the state.

Reporting Abuse by Professionals

In the event of a reported case, it will be evaluated using the evidence provided in a matter of days, after the report has been made. The victim that has suffered these types of injuries, they will be offered counseling that can be arranged, if they would like this service or feel it would be a benefit to them. When a charge in the care of a provider is physically hurt or injured, the facts supporting these allegations must be made under mandatory requirements, by certain enumerated professionals that are obligated to report suspected abuse or neglect of an elderly person. This list of required persons under a duty to report, includes doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals, dentists, social workers, law enforcement personnel, coroner’s and employees of mortuaries. They are obligated by law and from a moral standpoint to report this type of crime, in order for the proper action to be taken.

Anyone can report mishandling; they do not need to be a professional of any kind. All that is necessary for any citizen to report this kind of crime is to have adequate proof that the graying person has been physically or verbally, financially exploited or sexually abused. If the senior citizen’s health or life is in danger, this should be reported immediately to the local police or sheriff. The authority will provide emergency medical treatment and hospitalization. When there is no immediate danger for the elderly individual, it is still essential to report the situation to the proper agency.

Abuse—The Signs

When a tired, antiquated soul is abused physically, verbally, financially or sexually, the individual who does this takes advantage of the fact that the older adult is dependent on their care or services. The abuser is able to easily intimidate the elderly person. In some cases physical, verbal and sexual abuse will also include financial abuse. The signs of financial abuse can be seen in unusual banking transaction activities, illegal use of credit cards, forged or checks that are unaccounted for and property transfers.

Physical elder abuse signs can involve unexplained bruises, broken bones, marks and cuts. Neglect is a form of desecration, and can show the signs, look for the appearance of being malnourished and dehydrated, not being provided the proper medications. If the time-worn person shows fear and anxiety, along with any of these signs, this is evidence they are being abused.

Elder Abuse is a Criminal Offense

This type of behavior is a slap in the face to all law abiding citizens, and thus, has also been codified as a crime.  And it is not just any ordinary crime it is one perpetuated against a senior citizen, who is unable to protect themselves. It is important for family, friends and neighbors to become involved in protecting the elderly citizens in nursing homes and in their home, who are being cared for by caregivers. There are agencies and law enforcement agencies that specialize in elder abuse prevention and when this horrendous type of crime has been committed, they will take the appropriate action. The crime will be investigated; the abuser will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of elder abuse laws.

The protection and welfare of elderly citizens includes financial services and attorneys, who specialize in protecting the rights of senior citizens. There are programs available for caregivers, who are unable to provide care for their loved ones to assist in finding the older adult a suitable nursing facility that is able to provide the care they require.

Everyone has a moral responsibility to protect the elderly and ensure they are properly cared for and able to spend their remaining days in a dignified and respected manner, and when possible as independently as they can. If you want to learn more about private attorney general actions under California Business and Professions Code Section 17200 et seq, Unruh Civil Rights Act, and penal regulation under California law, contact Ehline Law Firm PC.