Ehline Law Leading in Cruise Safety Lobbying

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Experts Acting in Washington

The Ehline Law Firm APLC carved out its reputation as a leading consumer and travel safety practice in California. The firm’s leaders are not content to leave it at that. Michael Ehline, the founding partner of the firm, took his efforts to Washington to improve cruise safety nationwide. His efforts with industry experts and consumer rights groups establish a safer and better experience for all.

Ehline worked on this project for years. However, he is not done yet. New legislation in Washington seeks needed change. Much of the message is simple: allow cruise passengers the same rights as airplane passengers.It seems simple, but the government is slow to adopt these changes. This is especially the case due to heavy pressure from large cruise corporations. This legislation allows passengers to hold the cruise lines responsible for deaths at sea. Furthermore, it allows passengers a chance to pursue fair compensation.

One of the leading victims’ rights groups, International Cruise Victims, fights its hardest. Michael Ehline is proud to fight with them. The ICV supports a bipartisan bill which strengthens safety laws. The Cruise Passenger Protection Act, or CPPA as reported in FoxNews, goes a long way in the right direction. Many of these protections are common sense, including a requirement that cruise lines notify the FBI within 4 hours of a death. It also allows access to survaillance records for victims.

Leading Reform in Washington

Michael Ehline is no stranger to reform efforts in DC. His years of experience there led to a number of changes in the cruise ship industry. His partnership with ICV is one of the largest accomplishments.

“I am proud to be a persistent voice for victims,” Ehline said. “Our work isn’t finished, but this does give vital rights for passengers and their loved ones.”

A vote on the legislation is expected soon. Keep it posted here for more information.