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The human body is amazing and the skin covering it protects the tissue, blood vessels, muscles, bones and internal organs. One of the jobs of the skin it to prevent alien matter to penetrate the body and to keep the internal organs at a temperature that enables them to perform at the optimum level. Skin does have vulnerabilities, and one of these is when it is going from hot to cold. This is a built in protection for the skin to avoid contact with danger, such as fire or ice, along with keeping the internal organs at the proper temperature, by dressing properly.

There are things that can fool the skin into having a false sense of security. Many of us have seen the case of the frog thrown into boiling water in science class. The frog jumps out of the pan in response to danger. But if the water is tepid and warmed up slowly, the frog will boil to death before it is aware of the life-terminating consequences.

Ehline Law Firm PC assists people who unbeknownst to them, had their skin slowly heated by defective products that confuse the skin into thinking it is just fine, when in reality it is actually being slowly fried, like the frog example above. Our courageous personal injury attorneys have gone up against the best defense firms and walked away with the big money trophy on more than one occasion. We stand at the ready to help anyone who was victimized by this known hazard involving laptop computers, seat warmers and heating pad devices. Call us now at 888.400.9721 and speak to a real champion of the people.

Why is Technology and Sometimes Skin a Bad Mix?

When technology mixes with the skin, such as heated seats in modern cars with seat warmers, humans can be made to feel extremely comfortable during cold weather driving. The problem is that using this type of convenience can be detrimental to the skin in many circumstances due to a scientific condition that causes the skin to char, blacken or burn. (See below definition)

Toasted Skin Syndrome Defined

The problem is that the heat produced by seat warmers is not typically enough to burn the skin, but may be enough to cause a terrible condition known as “toasted skin syndrome”.  In fact, many dermatologists have seen a significant increase in patients complaining of a rash or skin darkening, which they now refer to as toasted skin syndrome related injury.

This is a condition that is caused by the extended exposure to the heat produced by the seat warmers, which is not enough to cause burns, but hot enough to damage the skin, with prolonged use. Car seat warmers are becoming standard on many of the newer model vehicles and they are not the only electronic technology that can cause this skin condition known as toasted skin syndrome.

Heating pads have long been known to cause damage to the skin and have warnings not to lay directly on them or they can cause burns. One of the newer technologies that are known to cause this condition are laptops, when used directly on the lap, while using them.

Can Laptop Computers Lead to

Toasted Skin Syndrome or Sterility?

Sometimes people will lay in bed, or sit with their laptops on their laps. Some doctors say this can cause sterility, due to too much heat exposure to the testicles, in addition to the other types of injuries that are associated with seat warmers, etc. Some devices have been known to explode. Other causes of this terrible condition can be hot water bottles, space heaters and other heating devices.

But navigating a claim and hiring investigators and recall experts is mandatory for the best possible outcome in terms of getting paid money damages for things like medical bills and lost wages, and for the emotional trauma of sterility, or blackened skin on your crotch or buttocks area. Ehline Law takes all the necessary steps to preserve and protect your rights to valuable compensatory damages in cases just like this.

Permanent Injuries are a Real Possibility

Toasted skin syndrome can be uncomfortable and can cause dry, scaly rash, with skin darkening that can be permanent, when there is continued exposure. Remembering that new technologies, whether they are seat warmers or the laptop used for enjoyment, can be damaging to the skin when there is extended exposure. Car seat warmers should be used only until the heat is working in the car. Laptops should be placed on a desk or laptop cart, instead of directly on the legs or testicle area, to avoid skin damage that can be permanent.


Getting Help From an Injury Attorney

The bottom line, is that you will need an experienced accident attorney to assist you in your claim, as these manufacturers are difficult to sue. You may need to bring a mass tort, or class action lawsuit to make the claims stick. Only a viable and well trained legal advocate will know how to deal with such a complex case. Ehline Law is in the elite class of attorneys in this regard. Give us a ring to discuss your potential lawsuit with a talented, attentive and compassionate listener at our firm now at 888.400.9721.


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