Compensation in a Personal Injury Claim


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When a person suffers an accident injury, they have questions. One question is they wonder what the case is worth. But the money a claim is worth can vary. The insurer has a formula they use for claim amounts. They use it to decide the high and low claim value. Also, many elements factor into a claim for the worth. The amount includes medical records, lost wages, and other damages.

Settlement Damages.

In an injury claim the person can seek damages within the state. As a result it’s done in claims for several kinds of damages. But the award is because the harm is from another person’s negligence.

You can in fact get paid for the harm. The money is for non-economic damages, pain and suffering. In fact the damages in this type of claim become separated. In this case they include economic and non-economic damages.

Losses involve bodily harm and disfigurement. Non-economic damages include the loss of enjoyment and quality of life. It may also include the loss of companionship. Pain and suffering may also enter in this part of the claim. The economic damages include money losses because of harm. The damages will cover the loss of wages and future loss of earnings. It may also include the loss of earning capacity. They also include property damages. The greater the harm and damages from the mishap the settlement is larger.

Each Case is Different

Each claim is different and treated as such. Since each has varied elements of injury and damages. So this makes the value of every case unique. Also, the seriousness of injury affects the amount of the claim. In fact, the percent of fault and other facts come into play.

Some kinds of harm can make the worth of the case higher. Since this is totaled with the medical care and diagnosis adds worth. But claims with soft tissue harm are hard to prove. The final amount for these can depend on the evidence. So this is a reason to seek medical care right away. In fact your case fades away if care for the harm gets delayed.

Another factor is the amount of fault. And to share any fault in a mishap with harm, it has a cost. The degree of fault will affect the dollar amount awarded. The award will lower by the percentage of fault. But its based on your percent of the fault. And this is called pure comparative negligence in this state.


In a fair settlement includes negotiation with the company. They use a method to calculate the dollar value of the claim. This amount by the insurer isn’t honest for the claimant. Claims depend on other factors because each one is unique. But no matter what, a fair settlement relies on skilled negotiating.

The company will use trained adjusters and skilled lawyers.

It’s the adjusters and lawyers job to limit what to pay for the claim. Better if they find a reason to deny the claim.

Formulas Used in Settlements.

Negotiating a claim settlement first begins with the insurer. The claim gets figured by adding the medical costs from the injury. In fact courts call this medical “special damages.” The number helps to determine the overall amount. The number includes disability and emotional damages. In fact it may also include pain, and suffering in some cases.

The insurers call this general damages. Some companies multiply this by 1.5 to 3 depending on the seriousness of the harm. But the money amount can go to a number 5. In fact the number depends on the seriousness of harm. The number gets high in the event of extreme harm. In this case it gets paid if they are painful and long lasting. Also, loss of income gets added to the numbers.

Formula Factors

Since the factors in the computation for an injury claim that can increase include:The severity of the harm.

  • Length and type of care for the harm.
  • The amount of pain.
  • The amount of time to heal from the injuries.
  • Seriousness of the harm. For both lasting visual harm and permanent harm.
  • The medical evidence such as hard injuries. This harm includes broken bones and fractures. They have a higher calculation than soft injury harm. Because X-rays or tests like MRI’s don’t show all the harm.


  • In truth the insurer uses the formula to decide what to offer. In fact this is also how negotiations start. For this reason, the lawyer will go back and forth with the adjuster. As a result most claims will settle without going to court. Though in some cases, it will go to court for a fair settlement. But this can involve cases with severe harm.Its natural, they will have a higher cost for medical care.
  • But in many cases, the lawyer will make counter offers. And it’s in truth done to get a fair payout for the victim. The other kind of claim that can go to trial is the wrongful death lawsuit. But your lawyer will pursue the case in your best interest. So if the offer isn’t fair, they will take the case to court.

Legal Help.

Humans are unique, so are their lawsuits and injuries. Now you know why. If you or a loved one has suffered harm because of a mishap, get help. Harm from another person’s actions can get compensation. Ehline Law Firm helps get the award you deserve. Our lawyers offer a free consultation to discuss your case.

Call to discuss your case and learn what’s the best course of action. We will evaluate the validity of the claim. Second, we can figure the value of the claim. In fact it’s the amount you’re entitled to for the harm and damages.

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