Vehicle Ejection Lawsuits

When a serious motor vehicle accident happens, there is always a possibility that a person could be thrown out of the window or interior, with extreme velocity. When a person is actually ejected from a vehicle, statistics show that he or she is three times more likely to be critically injured or killed when compared to a person that is not ejected from the vehicle. Seat belts are one of the things that can keep drivers and passengers from being tossed from a vehicle.

Partial Ejection Can Also Mean Major Harm

There are different types of ejections. There are also critical injuries that can occur due to partial ejection, such as when the driver or passenger is ejected through a side window and is hanging partway out. This can happen when there is a side impact or a rollover crash, and the tempered glass windows break.  Typically these cases result in serious facial disfigurement and brain trauma. They can even lead to a fatality, since the trapped occupant can get pinned under the car, or other object. You really can’t escape a case like this without extreme pain and scarring for life.

The Available Statistics

At least one source, says that yearly, almost 9,000 individuals have their lives snuffed out or are badly hurt in these types of incidents. In fact, around 20,000 are folks are traumatically injured partial partial and total occupant ejections incidents. Also interesting to note, in the last 25 years or so, at least 200,000 individual were wiped out after being thrown from the enclosed, or convertible roadway transports in which they were traveling. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that approximately 28% of all deaths promulgated by car crashes, surround an occupant ejection scenario, with approximately 75% of injured wayfarers who are totally ejected from motorized conveyances.

Failing Safety Devices Supposed to Stop Vehicle Occupant Ejection

Although there are many types of devices meant to protect the occupants of vehicles, they cannot always be fail-safe devices.  In a violent wreck, even a seat belt, or carriage can fail and break open like a can of sardines being thrown against a wall. But steps to take to mitigate the chances of a horrible and deadly ejections, are to always buckle up.

As discussed however, even then, defective seat belts that were poorly made, or designed can still come undone or break. If your seat restraint device does fail, you can be thrown completely, or partially ejected from the conveyance. The various trauma caused can be from minor all the way to catastrophic.

Brain injuries come to mind, along with back and neck injuries. A broken back can easily lead to quadriplegia or tetraplegia. This goes for defective child carriers and booster seats as well. The ejection could actually be the combined fault of the vehicle maker, the person who hit you, the seat-belt maker, and even the car seat manufacturer.

So there may or may not also be products defect cases, and perhaps even a claim against the government, if one of their agents caused or was partially responsible for the wreck. This is why it is a big deal to get a lawyer who knows his or her stuff. That is why you call Ehline. We know our stuff!

How To Get Paid

Ehline Law Firm PC has the experience knowledge and skill needed statewide, when this, or any other type of tort related accident occurs, and when required, along with his team of expert investigators, doctors, engineers and other professionals. When you or a loved one has been seriously injured or a death has occurred as the result of an ejection or partial ejection from a motor vehicle, our attorneys have obtained millions of dollars and have the honor, courage commitment, coupled with the compassion needed. When a victim is seeking the maximum recovery possible, they simply should contact Ehline.


Important Steps To Take To Preserve Maximum Financial Compensation Rights

When the bereaving and surviving kin of a person who died from an ejection want to pursue a negligence lawsuit against the wrongdoer, they are seeking monetary recovery for what they lost. They are pursuing things like lost wages of the past, present and the future. They are also seeking to be compensated for loss of companionship, sex, love and happiness to help ease their pain.  In order to get the most money, a really smart lawyer looks at all potential future defendants with assets.

An accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the following: 

  • Employer of the driver who hit you (there may be course and scope vicarious liability)
  • Whether or not the person who entrusted the injury causing artifice knew or should have known the driver was a danger to himself or others (eg., you loan your car to a person you know has a suspended license for reckless driving, etc.)
  • Whether or not the manufacturer of the car, or the seat belts was negligent or defective.
  • Was the person who hit you solely at fault?
  • Is there a potential Government entity claim under the tort claims act for negligent maintenance of the roadways, for example.

Other important steps to take are to preserve valuable evidence. This will help dispel who is and who is not at fault for the wreck.  But the best move is to immediately contact Ehline Law Firm PC to enable us to aggressively investigate and gather things like:

  • Accident scene photos.
  • A copy of the Traffic Collision Investigation Report.
  • Do government requests to obtain the history of the accident scene and wrecks there.
  • Storing the plaintiff’s vehicle and demanding the defendant’s vehicle be preserved as evidence before it is repaired or altered.
  • Thoroughly comb the evidence for seat belt failure, airbag failure, and driver errors, as well as percipient witnesses and their written or recorded statements.

As discussed, there are many potential results. In the end, however, the people or companies at fault will be on the hook for funeral expenses, hospital and ambulance charges, past and present as well as future wages, pain and suffering, and the other emotional losses discussed above. The highly reputable accident lawyers with Ehline law have combined experience in dealing with the many nuances and truisms of a catastrophic car accident claim.

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