Uber Executives Convicted and Fined in France

Possible Portent of Things to Come to Uber Lyft in the United States

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Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have gotten lots of unflattering media coverage. This has been over the last several years. It could be from violence committed by its drivers, or overcharging people during emergencies. Or could it be passengers hurt in motor accidents?

Or wait, perhaps underpaying their drivers? But one thing is sure; this company has not built such a solid reputation. As a result, foreign courts have uncovered other negative aspects of their business.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the case, which is filling headlines overseas. Two of Uber’s executives have gotten convicted and fined in France. This was for deceptive business practices. While the two escaped prison time, there were hefty penalties. As stated in the article:

The court fined the San Francisco-based company about $900,000, regional Uber executive Pierre-Dimitry Gore-Coty about $34,000, and Uber’s France general manager Thibaud Simphal $23,000. Half of all the fines were suspended.”

France Banned Uberpop

UberPop is prohibited in France because of unfair business practices. They were competing with traditional taxi companies. The article quotes a local union leader stating that Uber is: “a company which placed itself outside the law.” Over 200 UberPop drivers have gotten fined for inappropriate business practices. It appears this is just the first in a potentially long line of court cases against the company. Seems like Lyft will possibly follow.

Increased Scrutiny

Considering the increased scrutiny on them, similar actions could take place in the U.S.A. Furthermore, Uber has been on the losing side of a suit regarding its drivers being able to unionize. So there are other concerns about the safety, reliability, and pricing of ridesharing services in general. Because of this, many passengers are increasingly aware of the risks. So this includes the quality of the drivers and chances of getting hurt by the individual or in a crash.

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