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Sharp Turns Cause Rollovers on Top Heavy Vehicles

Vehicle rollovers can be among the worst types of auto accidents on the road today. With certain vehicles, especially SUVs being at increased risk of such a crash, the aftermath can be hellish. Severe injuries or even death can result from such a crash. These are often caused by faulty parts or designs, with the large car corporations putting profits over people and refusing to design and make safe automobiles.

Vehicle Rollover Cases

When faced with such a calamity, only the best in vehicle rollover attorneys can assist, such as the Ehline Law Firm PC– Among Los Angeles’ finest automobile accident attorneys.


Ways a Rollover Can Happen

Rollovers can happen due to several reasons. This can include a defective product, failure to adequately warn, or other manufacturing and design defects. Certain vehicles, including the Ford Ranger, Mazda B series, some trucks, and 15 passenger vans have captured the headlines in high profile rollovers.

These small truck manufacturers have faced many class action lawsuits due to their oversights. When these cars roll over and cause severe injury, an expert witness must determine the mechanism of injury, which can include head injuries caused by roof cave ins.

Unreasonable Manufacturers

A reasonable motor vehicle manufacturer will adopt certain policies to make sure that their trucks, vans, or SUVs are safe. Laws can mandate stronger roof crush zones and help prevent vehicle rollovers. Vital evidence is needed in cases like this, as can be collected and preserved by a qualified law firm, who can begin the long process of a claim against the irresponsible parties.

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