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Transporting your most precious cargo should be an easy task in modern cars. While most baby seats are safe, there have been terrifying examples over the last several years that show the need for utmost safety for our children. Many parents don’t realize the potential harm to children that poorly made baby seats and boosters can be. A poorly manufactured restraint device can lead to serious injury or fatality, even in low speed crashes. If faced with such a terrible situation or to find out your rights, call Ehline Law today for more information at (888) 400-9721.

Statewide California Child Restraint Defects Attorneys

Any attorney will not do in a case like this. Having an attorney that is specialized in baby seat injuries is needed to bring the case to a fitting conclusion. Having an attorney that understands the inner workings of injury law revolving around these types of issues will give you the advantage that you need in court.

Since children are smaller than adults, these types of seats are necessary. Kids that are not in baby seats or boosters can be seriously injured in a car accident. California law requires that children under six years or sixty pounds must be secured in a child car seat or passenger restraint.


Properly Working Restraints Can Save Your Baby

When the child safety device works properly, it can be a lifesaver. If it is manufactured poorly or malfunctions it could cause serious injury or wrongful death.

Helping Injured Consumers is Our Passion

Ehline Law Firm PC has the experience and tenacity to handle cases like this. We make sure that the car companies and seat manufacturers are held responsible for any errors that they make. Our compassionate team of attorneys are prepared to file a lawsuit against the maker of a negligent vehicle or child restraint device. They can’t fully make up for your child’s injuries, but we will do our best– and make sure that other families don’t have to suffer through the same grief.

The Law Requires Certain Things

California law now requires that vehicle manufacturers are required to install a latch child seat-tethering system– which are two anchors located at the top and bottom of the back seating. This ensures that such a child seat or booster will be properly secured. Auto safety research also shows that children under six years of age or sixty pounds will not have the same protection they would need in case of a serious accident. State laws recognize that children grow at different rates and placed both factors as components of their child safety seat law.

Parents that follow state guidelines often protect their children from serious harm. However, faulty seats or other severe issues could cause problems for the whole family. Ehline Law has the know how to hold the safety restraint maker responsible in cases of their own negligent. We will retain experts, like engineers, doctors, and others to prepare our client’s claim. We don’t give up and fight for our partners until the end.


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If your child has been hurt due to a faulty child seat in a car accident, we can help determine your next step. Let our track record of hundreds of successful injury cases work for you. Call us for more information and to know your rights.

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