The Most Common Car Accidents and Their Causes


Freeway rear ender

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Car accidents happen daily, at any time and any place, they happen for different reasons with some that are more common than others. Everyone knows that tailgating is a huge cause of rear enders, but there are actually a lot of interesting scenarios that cause wrecks. The most common causes of automobile crashes are driver error, poor road conditions and defective vehicles, all which can result in serious injury and damages. These are not the only causes, just the most common.

Most Common Auto Accident Scenarios

Common scenarios can involve serious injury and deaths. Examples include when a bad driver smashes into, or even crushes and drags a human or even an animal like a dog or a cat crossing the road.  News reports often show the aftermath of scenes where a car had crashed into a packed diner, or residential home.  The latter type of problem is what we would expect from a drunken driver, but can also arise due to a bad repair job, or a defectively made automobile part. Ehline Law is a dedicated firm that helps in all of the above cases. These types of incidents are also commonly known by motorists as ‘car crashes’, and by the CHP as “traffic collisions.” Below are some of the other more common causes of traffic collisions.

The Distracted Driver

Drivers can be distracted while behind the wheel for a variety of legitimate as well as frivolous reasons. These distractions will typically result in the vehicle operator taking his or her eyes and attention off of the road. A driver can be talking to someone in the backseat, adjusting the radio, talking on a cell phone whether it is handheld or not, drinking, eating, grooming and other causes. No matter what the driver is doing the result is the same, being distracted takes their eyes off of the roadway and the traffic around them. Even if the driver’s attention is on something else for a few seconds it can result in them being involved or causing an accident.

Vehicle Defects

Drivers get behind the wheel and expect that their vehicle will work properly, which includes the brakes. When the operator of an automobile presses on the brakes they expect them to work, but they may not work as well as expected if they are worn and might not work at all if the brakes are faulty. This can increase stopping distance or whether the vehicle will be able to stop at all when the driver hits the bakes. Steering capabilities is another thing that drivers depend on and poor steering from defects could cause the driver to have difficulty turning or traveling within their own lane on the roadway and it can result in loss of control of the vehicle.

Poor Roadway Conditions

Poor road conditions can make driving hazardous and can be caused by a variety of reasons, like winter weather that results in icy roads and in areas with snow slippery and blinding storms. Winter roadways can be dangerous and slow traffic to a stop, but it can also be a reason that chain reaction crashes happen. There are other types of poor road conditions, like heavy rains that can cause hydroplaning, excess gravel on curves, roadway debris and road construction areas. In many conditions without having the proper tires it can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle or if they are distracted it can immediately create a dangerous situation for other vehicles on the road.

Traffic Lights and Signs

There are some drivers who are in a rush and speed, rather than traveling at the posted speed limit and this often results in them running red lights or stop signs. These are generally located at intersections and it can be dangerous for them and other drivers at this location. This is because they are not concentrating on a way to avoid a collision like they would if they were traveling at the speed limit. This can be an accident waiting to happen when a driver is making a right hand turn in a location it is not permitted or making a left hand turn without a green arrow on the signal. These can both result in serious accidents, since other drivers will not expect a vehicle to go against the posted signals or signs.

When a car accident happens it can immediately change the lives of the drivers and any passengers involved. There can be serious injuries or fatalities even if the collision was at slow speeds and it will involve the insurance company who does not want to play fairly. All accidents cannot be avoided, but the ones caused by driver distraction, drivers ignoring traffic signs and signals and some crashes due to road conditions. The one thing that drivers can do is pay attention to the roadway and traffic around them while they are behind the wheel. The other thing that can be done is to have the vehicle inspected regularly to ensure brakes, the steering system, tires and other mechanical parts are in good working order for the driver’s safety, their passengers and other motorists.