Hot Water Heater Injuries Lawyer

Tap water when overheated has the ability to cause painful burns, which can occur when in a defective water heater. These tragedies are exceptionally painful and expensive to treat, as they can result in 3rd degree burns in some cases. These types of cases can cause scarring, disfigurement and can be emotionally damaging to the burn victim for life. Ehline Law Firm has led the way in recovery of millions of dollars for consumers who have been harmed in accidents causing bad injuries, including these types of claims, as part and parcel of its serious injury law practice.

  • Dangerous and unusually hot heaters and scalds
  • Third Degree burns and hot water heaters
  • Senior Citizens and heater burns
  • Bathtubs and surface burns
  • Landlord-Tenant Cases
  • Exacerbation of Harm
  • Hiring a Lawyer

The Dangers of Water Heaters are Designed to Be Unusually Hot

The way that water heaters are designed allows them to be set much higher than above 150 degrees, which is a higher temperature than safe for human contact. The temperature of 110 degrees is the human pain threshold for hot water, which is considered a safe water temperature.

Third Degree Burns

Water at this safe temperature of 110 degrees can result in third degree buts after approximately ten hours of exposure. This makes it extremely important for water heaters to be set at a reasonable temperature and not at the highest temperature setting.

Elders Most Likely to Suffer Burns

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, they suggest that water heaters be set at a maximum of 120 degrees. The most likely people to suffer hot water heater burns are the elderly and children, especially toddlers, and often when drawing water for a bath. There is data collected by the National Safe Kids Campaign showing that between 4,000 and 5,000 children are scalded each year, with most being from hot tap water and in bath tubs.

Hot Baths

The bathtub scalds cover an average of 12 percent of the body, resulting in a third degree burn. The statistics from the National Safe Kids Campaign shows that 95 percent of scald burns occur in residential settings, and 54 percent of these injuries occurring in apartments and 46 percent happening in single family residences.

Negligent Landlords

Water heaters can be set at too high of a temperature by landlords, homeowners and plumbing professionals, or it can be caused by a defective product, like a thermostat or heating element, that caused the tragic harm to body, mind and soul.

Compensation for Negligence

When a hot water ailment occurs you may have rights under the law to be compensated for your injuries. Our California firm has the experience it takes to investigate a case like this, in order to determine if there are responsible parties. The compensation recovered can include time lost from work, medical expenses, scarring, disfigurement, emotional stress, along with pain and suffering. Hot drinks, pots of water or other liquids that are cooking on a stove and are spilled can cause burns, similar to that of a hot water heater that is set way too hot, or that is defective, which can be dangerous. This can be especially dangerous for young children that might not realize how dangerous water that is too hot to the touch can be.

Exacerbation and Worsening of Previous Conditions

Overly hot water can be dangerous for diabetics and other people that have lost sensitivity to temperatures that are too hot on their extremities.

Getting a Lawyer to Help You

When you or a family member has been the victim of a serious burn cause by negligence, carelessness of another party or due to a defective water heater the experienced water heater attorneys of Ehline Law Firm PC have the skill it takes to represent you. We can be reached at 888-400-9721, or 213-596-9642. We are also respected throughout the state of California.