Surprise Visit on Brain Injury Center

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Three state agencies sent investigators to inspect the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation. The visit by the investigators was a surprise to the brain injury treatment center. The visit was made because allegations had surfaced of abused or negligence patients.

No Statements So Far From Investigators

So far mum’s the word as it were. There has been no statement on what the Florida state investigators found at the 196 bed brain injury facility. The company is known as FINR, is one of the largest brain injury treatment centers in the country. The Center sees patients from all over the United States.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, secretary Liz Dudek said “we are all concerned about patient care.” He went on to say that patient care “well-being and safety at the Florida Institute of Neurological Rehabilitation” is of utmost import.

Many Government Agencies Were Involved in the Raid

Other agencies that participated in the surprise visit, were investigators from the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Health. They also showed for in the inspection of the Florida institute of Neurological Rehabilitation in Waluchula, Florida. The location of the facility is approximately 50 miles from Tampa. This is where investigators inspected the brain injury treatment center.

The agencies investigators said in a news release that they plan to review information that was collected to determine what the appropriate response will be based on their findings. This inspection into the brain treatment center comes after Florida Regulators ended inquires into the death of a patient at the Florida Institute of Neurological Rehabilitation and cases of alleged abuse.

The Attorneys for the Apparent Defendant Were Apparently Never Notified

According to the attorney for the brain injury treatment center, Wayne J. Miller, he was unaware of the multi state agency inspections. Tort lawyers from across the nation are sure to be watching this one, said Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, a California based catastrophic injury firm.

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