Will Outsourcing Save Courts Money?

While some counties hire outside legal firms to handle excess conflicts, it is not clear if it would save the county money. Let’s see what happens here and we will keep you updated as these mandates evolve.

Odd American Traffic Laws

Fort Thomas Kentucky is not a place for animal lovers that like to have their pets ride in the car with them or walk them near vehicles. It is a city ordinance in Fort Thomas Kentucky, which is a small town for pets to “molest” a vehicle. The person whose pet is caught inside of a vehicle or using the tires to relieve themselves can be punished by being fined up to $500

Six Year Old Drowns on Carnival Cruise

This family could certainly argue that the children should have been given life jackets and that lifeguards should have been provided. The cruise line may counter that the parents are responsible for failing to supervise, but again, the ultimate duty of care was with the cruise ship. I would fight hard for this family.

See The Video: Biker Gang Attacks Man, Wife, Child

Below is the unedited full video of the biker attack, apparently taken from the helmet cam of one of the bikers. As you can see, the bikers appear to be seeking trouble from my persepective. They swarm an obviously terrified man’s Range Rover, who is in the car with his wife with child.

No Charges in Nursing Home Abuse Case—with Camera Evidence

Action Alert – Ehline Law Reports that Ontario man is sick over apparent abuse of elderly parent The son shocked over treatment of 85 year old mother in a Peterborough, Ontario nursing home. And he is more devastated that the home and its monster employees, will not be facing criminal charges.  Although this case happened […]

Road Manners in Motorcycle Group Riding Safety

Riding Etiquette Behind the Bars Riding a motorcycle is a privilege, not a right. The proper means of riding is different for each motorcyclist, but some common strains exist. Making sure that you and the other riders are safe is a no-brainer. Consider the conditions of the road and the potential challenges for both yourself […]

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is for Bikers and Drivers Awareness

Our lead attorney, Michael Ehline, understands these issues intimately. Ehline is a motorcycle enthusiast and a lobbyist in Washington for bikers’ issues. Ehline is a leading motorcycle legal expert. His tireless work helping motorcyclists is second to none. His team is amazing and never stop until the job is done.

How to Safely Operate Your Motor Cycle

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