More Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Several agencies oversee the protection and welfare of older adults, along with nursing care “mishandling” lawyers, who specialize in this area of the law to provide legal help to the senior citizen.

Protecting Senior Citizens

There are different types of debasement, and even one type can have different elements, physical abuse can involve pushing, hitting and other forms, verbal desecration can be shouting, or using offensive words, and sexual abuse. Financial abuse can be done by the caregiver, fake charities set up to take money from the elderly, deceptive home or car repairs, credit card fraud that offers reduced interest rates and other dishonest schemes that either deprive the older adult from proper care or depleting their money.

Additional Abuse Spotting Techniques

This can result in the hiring of inexperienced personnel, rather than the more expensive qualified people. Attendants are often young, and this may be their first job. In most cases, they have probably never been responsible to care for anyone, and lack the basic skills necessary.

Mom, Dad, Aging and Financial Protection

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys this has a search for lawyers who specialize in elder law, including durable power of attorney, estate planning, conservatorship, elder abuse and other legal services. Telephone 703-942-571.

Tips on Elderly Neglect Prevention

One example is Arthur Green, age 74, who was convinced by his granddaughter to sign over his lakeside home, with the understanding that he would live out his days there. Green said suddenly his granddaughter got greedy and changed, she got “money hungry.”

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