Stay Safe by Staying Out of the “Danger Sector”!

Drive defensively, when on the roadway with tractor trailers, to avoid being involved in a big rig accident

GM, Honda and Audi Teaming Up with Google in Android Cars

So, the debate will continue with the advancement of technology in vehicles, will it be an advantage or will it cause the rate of distracted driving accidents in crowded cities like Los Angeles, to increase rapidly?

Two Children Rescued from Cruise Ship Pool—One Child Later Died

So who is legally liable? And even if there is liability, where will the lawsuit be filed? The answer is simple, the parents will be bound by treaties, jurisdiction and venue clauses, will deal with stonewalling and hide the balls tactics, and probably recover much less than if this happened on land at any other resort.

Wrongful Death Claim Filed by Family of Woman Killed on Venice Boardwalk

Accident or not, the fact of the matter is, the driver does not have deep enough pockets to sue for all the victims. Here, the city has the geld. Venice Beach is actually part of Los Angeles City. So they are the defendants in the death claim. But other actors could also be potential defendants. This is what a dedicated injury lawyer with experience in government claims looks for to avoid legal malpractice claims.

Cruise Ships, Hospitals, Courts

When the number increases in individuals who are enjoying being able to get away and go on a cruise, this unfortunately means that accidents, injuries suffered by tour boat passengers, and wrongful death cases will go up in number as well.

Taking Your Car Accident Insurance Claims to Small Claims Court

Another step that can be taken is to appeal the judgment to the superior court. In this situation the procedure for appealing a judgment can be complicated and it is recommended to consult an attorney, when considering an filing an appeal.

Tips For Passengers Going on an Ocean Cruise

Passengers filing a lawsuit against a cruise line, who object to it being heard in a court outside of their home state can petition to have it moved to a local court, however this challenge is usually denied.

What To Do To Prevent and Recover for Negligent Drowning?

The Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club was not licensed to run a camp and the pool time for the children was designated at the end of the day. This time of the day would be when the children had already expended all of their energy.

Big Cities and Elder Abuse Concerns

There are five non-profit agencies that run city funded elder abuse programs, Zieff is the elder abuse program coordinator for the Community Agency for Senior Citizens. Zieff said she discussed the situation with the 88 year old woman and said explain to her she has the right to say “no.”

The Crime of Elder Abuse

If there is evidence that there was a crime committed, the abuser will be prosecuted. This protection for the elderly is provided throughout Riverside County, California and the rest of the state.