Interrogatories – The Request for Further information in Personal Injury Cases

If the interrogatories are not answered within the specified amount of time, the side that does not receive them can make a motion for “sanctions,” with the court, which can be as serious as contempt of court.

Personal Injury Mediation Approaches

Personal injury cases to be successful in the mediation process require preparation and strategy on the part of the mediator.

Communicating During the Negotiation Process

I will be writing more on this subject, as I become more experienced in personal injury mediation.

The Breakdown of a Hypothetical Settlement of $100,000.00

It is a misconception that plaintiffs file a suit in order to get rich—A lawsuit is brought about to ensure no-one else ends up going through what they had to go through—it is not about the settlement amount. Communities are made to be a lot safer when plaintiffs stand their ground against those that break the law and make certain they are held liable for their actions.

What is the State Bar Anyways?

In most states, the state bar association have rules, which require members to complete Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and they generally offer courses for the attorneys in the area with members of this bar association will usually receiving discounts.

7 Questions to Ask Prospective Injury Lawyers

On average throughout a person’s lifetime, they can become involved in one or two lawsuits that involve personal injury. It is usually difficult for the average person to assess the credentials of a personal injury lawyer in order to make a sound decision. Typically, a person will simply hire the very first lawyer they talk to in an advertisement they have seen or from the yellow pages. There is a better method for making a much wiser decision on the right personal injury lawyer you should hire.

Latest Motorcycle Collision Statistics

Los Angeles motorcycle lawyer Michael Ehline, Reports Statistics Show 2009 Motorcycle Fatalities Down by Ten Percent

Editorial on Gullibility of Seniors to Scams

In any event, it is clear that older folks are more easily scammed. All the more reason why society as a whole needs to be vigilant, and that laws already on the books need to be aggressively enforced. To learn more, contact Ehline Law Firm PC at 633 W 5th St. #2890 Los Angeles, CA 90071. 213.596.9642.

New Financial Elder Abuse Charges Against Formerly Charged Forest Grove Lawyer

In the case of a family member, these are often referred to as “sweetheart scams,” since the way they obtain the finances or property is by confess their admiration, love and how they will care for the elderly adult.

“Handling Attorney” and “Referral Lawyer” Defined

So there is no downside to getting a referral. These steps have explained the different aspects of having a referring attorney and a handling lawyer for your claim by the