Lancaster School Bus Crash Injures 8 Special Education Students

  A Lancaster, California school bus accident happened Tuesday. The bus, in this case, carried special education students crashed at 7:15 am. Further, fire officials said the bus did collide with a vehicle. In fact, eight special education students did get injured in the collision. Two people did in fact reportedly suffer critical injury.   […]

California Early Day Traffic Accidents and Fatalities

Santa Maria Fatal Rollover Crash   Early Monday morning a fatal solo crash happened in Santa Maria. The crash happened in the area of 3370 Orcutt Road. It occurred at 1:37 am with the vehicle coming to rest on its roof. Though, the vehicle landed in the middle of the street. One person in the […]

Stockton California Traffic Crash Fatality

An early Sunday morning crash happened in Stockton. One person’s injuries became fatal in the accident. The accident happened at 12:43 am in the area of I5 north and SR4 west. Officers arriving on the scene found a passenger with major injuries. In this case, it’s unclear if this is the victim that died. Police […]

Auto and Big Rig Collisions Around California

 Auto Accident with Injuries An auto crash  did happen at 9:58, Thursday morning. The location of the crash on Cameron Parkway Drive. The collision involved a white Dodge pickup and dark green Chevrolet Trail Blazer. Police got a call claiming a male became trapped in the green Chevy SUV. In fact the cause of the […]

Busy Traffic Collision Evening in Southern California

Orange County Multi-Vehicle Collision Shuts Down Freeway Orange County (February 1). A SigAlert issued in Orange County, California because of a collision. The multi-vehicle accident happened in the vicinity of Coll Road. The vehicles in the crash included a Toyota Sienna minivan. A black Volkswagen SD and another car involved in the crash too. The […]

Fatal Accidents Other Accidents in CA

A fatality took place at 12:20 PM at 2474 45th Street West in the Mojave Desert. A tow truck was dispatched as well as the Kern County Coroner. The facts relate it was due to an overturned dune buggy. When police arrived, there was a victim bleeding and overturned due buggy. The victim Identified as […]

Pokémon Go the Dangerous App

The app responsible for numerous auto accidents The app gained appeal with kids, teenagers and adults using Pokémon Go. Los Angeles and Southern California did have reports of driver mishaps. Since drivers watch the app as they drive too. Because Pokémon Go has Pokémon or Pokestops the objects of the game. These, in fact, must […]

Best of the Attorney and Hollywood Season

Saturday, December 3rd’s Christmas Party for Hollywood Weekly was a blast. Bringing together many of the finest and ritziest citizens of Southern California and beyond it was a chance to wine, dine, and socialize. While the event was a great chance to catch up and rub elbows it was also a chance to understand some […]

E-Cigarette Lawsuits Complicated by Marijuana Use

One of the largest markets is using THC products within electronic cigarettes. With e-cigs becoming more popular among young people than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is a wide open market. Customization and blends allow for a wider audience.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Burn Injuries Spike

Such a method provides a delicious meal but can be dicey for amateurs. Make sure that you leave an adequate amount of room. So now, nothing catches fire. Also, make sure that the turkey is placed in the fryer slowly so that oil doesn’t shoot out.