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How Much Does a DUI Cost on Car Insurance?

Have an extra $1,700 for insurance? If you don’t, you should consider the cost of drinking and driving. DUIs and DWIs are among the most expensive actions by drivers. Even if they do not kill anyone behind the wheel, there are still incredible consequences.

The History of Saint Patrick’s Day and the DWI Curse

The simple answer is booze. People drink much more alcohol on St. Paddy’s day and those around it. This is even more so if it is over a weekend. Since St. Patrick’s Day is a Friday this year keep an eye out for drunk drivers.

Hoverboard Burns Down House, Killing Child

Parents need to check the devices for flaws, including their consumer history reports. The safest bet would be not to buy them at all.

How Many Accidents Were Caused by Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games on the market. The newest generation of the franchise is sweeping the U.S. and beyond. Players seek out rare types of Pokemon in real world situations.

Fourth of July Fireworks and Explosion Injury Attorneys

The State Fire Marshal and other legal entities determine the laws for the use of fireworks, which means that some states specific types of fireworks are legal and in some countries fireworks of any kind are illegal. States will have very specific rules about the types of detonation allowed. So they often disallow those that “explode” so as to scatter a flak pattern. So most explosions are illegal.

What is The Driverless Car’s Liability Question?

Furthermore, we have a chance to do it right. Taking our time and allowing the tech to prove itself is the best possibility. Just because it is shiny doesn’t make it ready for primetime.

Greyball Scandal Shows Uber’s Disrespect for the Law

Each town and city has the statutory authority to allow or disallow certain types of business.

Why Do Rape, Sexism Suits Dog Uber?

There’s a reason many cities outlawed the app. It provides an unnecessary risk for others on the road and passengers.

California’s Lyft Partnership Puts Drivers at Risk

Our team at Ehline Law understands the many problems. Follow our site to learn more about issues regarding SDCs. Self-driving cars need a lot more work to get on the road. Government agencies need more info before they allow these vehicles on the road. They need far more research before they partner with such a push. We can all be involved in the many aspects of a solution.