Doctors Were Stumped Till Now on Treatment of TBI?

He said that brain injury and psychiatry related rehabilitations are the places where practice based evidence is the only way to analyze data and reach a result whereas randomized controlled trials have not helped much in these cases. Horn said that NIH has always been reluctant in accepting practice based evidence but things might change in future.

The True Cost of Severe Brain Injury

There is no pain or problem too small to examine. Each one can cascade with other factors to completely reshape an injury victim’s life and cause them to be unable to successfully lead the life that they did previously or wanted to. They may be confined to a wheelchair or cognitively impaired. No matter what the injury, making sure that you are at the best condition to meet it is necessary.

Small Blows to the Head Can Cause Brain Damage

A specialized attorney, such as one from Ehline Law will be surely able to assist you in even the most complex of legal problems, as well as dealing with and helping you understand what we know about head injuries due to our experience in helping brain injured victims.

The Role of Head Injury Lawyers

If you need it, the professionals at the Ehline Law Firm PC will be able to perform it. But you need to get moving quickly since the statute of limitations can actually run out and leave you with no way of forcing the liable actors to pay you for what they did to you.

Arguing For Scorpion Venom

There are only two cancer centers nationwide using testing with the synthetic scorpion venom in the country, with one being the Duarte, California City of Hope Cancer Center.

Brain Injury Survivors and Improving Memory

Recently Michael Schumacher F1 champion sustained a head injury during a skiing accident and how his rehabilitation will go, is unknown. Dave Irwin and Olympian suffered a brain injury in a skiing accident in 2001 and he has talked about his rehabilitation and issues with working memory.

Types of Brain Injuries

Subdural hematomas are caused from blood clots forming in between your brain tissue and your dura. It can happen in many ways. It could be slow over a few weeks or days. This is called a subdural hematoma.

The Delicate Brain Stem

We work with professionals to recreate the scene of the event to determine who is responsible. We can help sign up the victim or their families for death benefits, unemployment insurance, disability, worker’s comp, or other programs needed to help through this difficulty.

Changes and Challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

Depending on the severity of the harm done to the brain they may feel completely differently about activities they once enjoyed and even avoid many situations that result in isolation. This can be difficult for the family, along with behavioral, emotional and physical changes that are the result of their medical condition.

Reasons for 60% Jump in U.S. Youth Athlete Closed Head Injuries

Out of 138 deaths that occurred from football where neck and head injuries were sustained, 12% was caused by youths returning to the game after suffering from a concussion