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Ehline Law Firm PC is a leading injury law firm in San Francisco, Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Our firm has an extensive reputation as hard charging legal counsel. We fight hard for justice in personal injury and civil rights cases for victims of all types of accidents and tort claims. Our […]

What Could Happen If You Fail To Preserve And Collect ESI?

The list is managed by a consultant who takes care of the ESI retrieval and guides plaintiff on what items to search for. The lawyer has to meet every person relevant to the case and ordered by court.

Intangible Losses

Accident attorney

Attorneys for victims of accidents and injuries fight for restitution for their clients. They stop at nothing to make sure that they are taken care of and that there is justice done. When facing the facts and after effects of serious injury, only making sure that your clients are whole is the role of a […]

Intentional Conduct Claims Litigation Considerations

In cases where the defendant(s) is/are being sued for intentional torts such as slander, the plaintiff must prove the action was done as willful conduct. The facts will not be used to determine automatic coverage in this situation in most states. In cases where the claim is settled prior to a final judgment

Injuries & Death – Common Occurrences with Drunk Driving DUI’s

The law firm works closely with toxicology experts and others in assessing the evidence to prove liability by negligence of the drunk driver. Contact our seasoned lawyers as soon as possible if you have been the unfortunate victim of this type of accident toll-free at 888-400-9721.

The Morgan Case

It has become obvious that many of Morgan’s actions did not take place as early as should have been. Whether it was due to the debilitating type of injury he sustained or underestimating the true scope of the damage is unknown. In

The Negative Issues – Passage of California Prop 213

Heck, it even hurts the insurance defense bar, since they have less cases to defend. Think about that next time you understand why the owner of “Progressive” insurance donates money to the politicians that he supports. It is obvious that this law is inequitable and should not be upheld in the eyes of most injury attorneys.

Effects of Bad Faith Insurance Claims

The large corporations can make even more money by refusing claims that it led the policy holder to believe would be covered.

ID Theft

They imply that IT systems and organizations should not require an excessive amount of personal information for identification and authentication purposes

Insurance Carriers and Driver-less Vehicles

All of these issues play a role in consumer protection. Drivers that are planning to switch over to driverless cars should understand that beyond the key concepts are changes in how insurance and corporate responsibility works. For the consumer, being protected is key.