Firearms Open Carry Laws in California

California Penal Code 417 PC states that even when you are compliant with the open carry laws in the state, your weapon is unloaded, as well as visible, in a location where it is legal; you may not use the weapon to intimidate or threaten any person. It is likely, if you pull your firearm in a threatening, angry or rude manner that you will be charged by prosecutors with a crime.

Bullet Tax Proposed by California Law Makers Ties Mental Illness to Lawful Firearms Ownership

They propose to extend the waiting periods to purchase firearms and ending a provision allowing possession of assault weapons that were purchased prior to the ban.

Vets Targeted by the Left as a Threat?

They are also the most highly trained individuals to possess a firearm, having been trained in the safety of using a weapon, something a weekend training program for the average person purchasing a gun will never teach them.

The Case of the CHP Missing Weapons

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman Saul Gomez, several firearms and other equipment was stolen during a training exercise in Santa Clarita at Stevenson Ranch.

Drones and Privacy

The FAA is working to establish rules to include drone use in national airspace, which is going slowly and the agency has reported to be behind schedule in developing rules and will not meet a September 2015 deadline. Transportation Department Inspector General, Calvin Scovel III stated the deadline will not be met at a House Transportation aviation subcommittee in February.

Can the Google Glass Movie Watcher Sue the FBI or Movie Industry?

The event took place at the AMC movie theater in Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday night, when a man wearing Google Glass Explorer and his wife went to see the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. This report will try and identify some of the potential abuses of governmental and even private state actors, abusing power as against the Google Glass wearer.

In California, Public Recording of Conversations is Legal If There Was No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

By Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – First, let me start off by saying that I love the police and that many of my Marine Corps. brothers are now Deputy Sheriffs, or CHP.  I am pretty sure at least one Redondo Beach K-9 cop is also an inactive Marine. So the bad things I am about […]

Cruise Safety Bill Passes – Aid for Victims In Sight

June 12, 2010-According to reports the Senate as passed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act. The vote by the Senate was unanimous in the passing of the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act legislation by John Kerry. The act that was sponsored in July 2009 by Rep. Doris Matsui a Democrat of California and […]

Recent Court Case Hilites Cruise Ship Liability Problems for Passengers

Cruise ship injury lawyer

In a statement by a Royal Caribbean representative they claim the rules that have applied in the past should be upheld, rather than the new ruling by the Court of Appeals. This is based on the factor that the cruise line offers vacations, but does not primarily offer health care for passengers.

Don’t Pay for Others’ Mistakes

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