Small Blows to the Head Can Cause Brain Damage

A specialized attorney, such as one from Ehline Law will be surely able to assist you in even the most complex of legal problems, as well as dealing with and helping you understand what we know about head injuries due to our experience in helping brain injured victims.

The Role of Head Injury Lawyers

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If you need it, the professionals at the Ehline Law Firm PC will be able to perform it. But you need to get moving quickly since the statute of limitations can actually run out and leave you with no way of forcing the liable actors to pay you for what they did to you.

Bad Lighting Can Cause Serious Injuries and Even Death.

The help of a skilled legal expert is second to none in not only recovering damages but also preventing such an accident happening to others. The attorneys at Ehline Law are specialized in cases of improper lighting causing falls.

Construction Accident Injury Information and Legal Options

They’re able to go to bat with your employer, government agencies, and insurance companies. They’ve gotten results for hundreds of clients to the tune of millions in recovery. They make sure that the accident victims have their medical bills paid, lost wages taken care of, and the emotional cost of such a severe injury covered.

Injury as the Result of Inherent Product Flaws

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These issues could be seen in Arizona, reported by NPR as e coli contaminated food still poses a significant risk of injury or death. If you are faced with the result of another party’s negligence or recklessness, the assistance of a legal expert is vital. Ehline Law’s attorneys are specialized in product liability and personal injury and have become Southern California’s premier law firm to handle such cases.

Dog Bite Attacks in Southern California


According to California law, there is no necessity for the victim to know that the dog had a record of biting. Knowing how to handle such a case is the purview of a legal expert, such as one from Ehline Law. The Ehline Law Firm PC understands the joy of family and pet ownership and the responsibilty that goes along with it.

Firearms Open Carry Laws in California

California Penal Code 417 PC states that even when you are compliant with the open carry laws in the state, your weapon is unloaded, as well as visible, in a location where it is legal; you may not use the weapon to intimidate or threaten any person. It is likely, if you pull your firearm in a threatening, angry or rude manner that you will be charged by prosecutors with a crime.

Bullet Tax Proposed by California Law Makers Ties Mental Illness to Lawful Firearms Ownership

They propose to extend the waiting periods to purchase firearms and ending a provision allowing possession of assault weapons that were purchased prior to the ban.

Vets Targeted by the Left as a Threat?

They are also the most highly trained individuals to possess a firearm, having been trained in the safety of using a weapon, something a weekend training program for the average person purchasing a gun will never teach them.

The Case of the CHP Missing Weapons

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman Saul Gomez, several firearms and other equipment was stolen during a training exercise in Santa Clarita at Stevenson Ranch.