Transvestite Olympian Going Down for Crimes?

Of course, if the leaks are true and TMZ has it right, the scales against criminal are tipped against collateral estoppel or res judicata, and yet are still no bar to any recovery in a civil case for wrongful death.

Understanding the Zone of Danger as Taught in Law Schools

This can be the case when an owner makes a wrongful act and was not cognizant of the potential damage it could do. This could include attempting to hurt someone and injuring a third party, or engaging in dangerous or reckless behavior knowingly. Still, this standard is held within what is considered reasonable.

Drunk Keeps Driving With Dying Person On Car

So although there is a chance of recovery, most people that irresponsible have the bar minimum insurance of $15,000.00. So unless she was in the course and scope of employment, the defendant may not be able to pay the family what they are owed for the loss of their loved one.

Glendale California Tops Providence Rhode Island for Worst Drivers

female driver that drive his car in a bad situation

The annual report for Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report has been released. This is the yearly report that analyzes data from America’s 200 largest cities drivers.

Not All Slip & Fall Cases are Covered By Stores or Their Insurance

Full length portrait of a young man dressed with winter clothes slipping on floor isolated on white background

Make sure you ask all the important questions from your insurance carriers before starting your premiums or signing up for the insurance policy. Furthermore, be watchful of the conditions in your house when you are inviting people. Gatherings and special occasions are the most sensitive times when such accidents can take place.

Boiling Down a Multiple Car Crash Settlement for Greenhorns

A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash

Let’s say the total damage done to your car and you sums up to $20,000. Since there are multiple people involved in the accident, there are multiple policies available to compensate this damage. First, the primary policy will be used to cover all your expenses. Let’s say this policy only covers $10,000. In this scenario, the rest of the $10,000 will be covered by the secondary policy. If this secondary policy is of only $8000, an excess policy will be used to cover the remaining $2000.

Curious Chocolate and the Case of Police Privacy

Stop Police State Road Sign, Stop sign with words Police State with stormy sky background

Pot Advocates Say “Who Cares?”: Many pro pot people believe that the brownies, and weed in general should be legal to all, including the police. No matter what side of the issue you come down on, the fact remains it was illegal at the time of the consumption, was theft, and a violation of the officers’ contracts, assuming the allegations are true. But still, it is true that prisons would start to depopulate if pot was legal.

Weighing Social Media Sources as an Attorney

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Keep it professional. Such a profile is not meant for your personal issues or musings. A barrier should be placed up from personal information that should leave your profile much more professional than any other, especially Facebook, which until recently was basically only used by younger, less professional types.

Getting Paid for a Truck Injury In Long Beach

“Truck Driver Death – Port of Long Beach”:

“UPDATE: Univision’s Primer Impacto Investigates Dangerous Road for Port Drivers” – PRNewswire-USNewswire:

Dangers of SR 90 Extension Project

Instead the available evidence shows that increasing traffic lanes will simply increase traffic from the new freeway off-ramp next to your newly remodeled grocery store, Ralph’s. Caltrans does not have a credible track record on this, and is compounding the problem and not tackling the real Lincoln Blvd. problem. We must fight the SR90 extension.