Best of the Attorney and Hollywood Season

Saturday, December 3rd’s Christmas Party for Hollywood Weekly was a blast. Bringing together many of the finest and ritziest citizens of Southern California and beyond it was a chance to wine, dine, and socialize. While the event was a great chance to catch up and rub elbows it was also a chance to understand some […]

E-Cigarette Lawsuits Complicated by Marijuana Use

One of the largest markets is using THC products within electronic cigarettes. With e-cigs becoming more popular among young people than traditional tobacco cigarettes, there is a wide open market. Customization and blends allow for a wider audience.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Burn Injuries Spike

Such a method provides a delicious meal but can be dicey for amateurs. Make sure that you leave an adequate amount of room. So now, nothing catches fire. Also, make sure that the turkey is placed in the fryer slowly so that oil doesn’t shoot out.

Trump Supporters Often Targeted

We cannot wish away the wave of violence is not something. There is a very real well of anger that many Clinton supporters are drawing from. Then they are using it in violent methods against their opponent’s supporters. This type of violence needs to stop. And the Clinton campaign’s signing on the recount efforts in WI, PA, and MI are only going to deepen the divisions.

Pre Holiday Deadly School Bus Crash after Students and Parents Complained

But all in all, if not but for the school failing to install belts, there may have been fewer casualties. So I would try and find a way to argue duty to install lap belts. I would also encourage lobbying Congress to have a mandatory lap belt law for heavier buses.

President Elect Settles Trump University Case for $25 Million

However, president-elect Donald Trump said he didn’t hand pick the instructors for the university. He also said the marketing information not intended to take literally. Also, most students gave high ratings for the real estate classes.

The IDEA Act–What It Is and What It Is Not

The Act has guaranteed these protections. Therefore, children and parents should expect schools, colleges, and universities to comply.

Kidnapped LA Judge Rescued by Colombian Police

Furthermore, the judge said she and the court were thankful to U.S. Ambassador Keven Whitaker.

When an Accident is Caused by a Mechanical Problem

Juries tend to award punitive damages to send a message to the gross negligence of a maker for the part. This is due to the fact it put the buyer at risk of harm along with the dangers it can cause on the roadway. Since a product liability case can take a lengthy time to its conclusion. Because the complexities it takes the help of a product liability lawyer. The lawyer can assist in presenting the evidence to win the claim. They will get punitive damages from the jury.

The Time a Car Accident Personal Injury Claim Takes

We get paid out of the award for the victim or family. These are the hurt victims or those that lost a loved one in a wrongful death. Let Ehline Law Firm help you recover the compensation you deserve.