Cancer Causing Chemicals in Colgate?

Canada has banned Triclosan

Triclosan in toothpaste

It has happened quite often that we have used some product for many years and only after those many years we have found out about some evil ingredient in it. We can take the examples of mercury in dental fillers, fluoride in toothpastes, presence of dangerous gases in coolants in our refrigerators and air conditioners etc. We have used all of these products for several years only to find out later that all these products contained some really evil substance that was either causing health problems in us or damaging the environment around us.

We have yet another such case and once again it is a tooth paste in question. Tooth paste products have been facing criticism for quite a few years for putting in chemicals and substances that are injurious to the health of the users. While soaps and detergents contain some really harmful substances too, tooth paste is one of the very few products that go in our mouth. This time the brand under question is Colgate. If you have been using Colgate for some time, you definitely need to read this. Your tooth paste might have a substance that could be causing cancer in your body.

A study has been conducted on Colgate recently and according to the results of that study Colgate was found guilty for containing Triclosan. This particular chemical can cause many diseases in human body but the most dangerous is cancer. Triclosan is nothing new to the manufacturers of cleaning products.

It is commonly used in the making of other products such as laundry detergents, deodorants, antiseptics etc. However, none of these products go inside our mouth like our tooth paste does and so having this chemical in our tooth paste has to be something to pay attention to. Chemical Research In Toxicology, a magazine that often hosts such researches, has recently published the new study about Colgate. It is according to their latest research that we have come to know that Triclosan in Colgate might be causing cancer in the people who use this product on a daily basis.

It must be noted here that this substance can cause cancer only when you use it in great amounts. This is why people who use Colgate on a daily basis and have been doing so for years are the ones who really need to think about their future tooth paste.

As mentioned in the first passage, we often come to know about the abysmal side effects of substances in our daily used products after we have already consumed them for years. After the news becomes public the government does its job of banning the product. Asbestos is a great example of such an event. As of now, Canada is the only country that has taken any steps against the use of Triclosan in tooth pastes.

Canada has put a ban on the chemical. We’ll see how other governments react to this new study after also considering Canada’s decision on this substance. Triclosan has the tendency to pass through your skin. When you use a product that contains this chemical, you could end up letting large amounts of the chemical pass through your skin and become part of your bloodstream. Hormone imbalance is the first reaction to the entry of Triclosan in your blood. It can then cause several other damages and make you prone to cancer.

Despite these shocking revelations, Colgate is still standing with its claim that this chemical causes no harm to humans. Whether it causes cancer or not will be decided in further studies. As of now, you have to make up your mind as to which side would you like to be on.

Illegal Aliens Legally Driving? Rule of Law is Overruled

No fun being illegal or is it?

Illegal immigration concept as a chain fence with a hole shaped as text that represents people illegaly crossing a national border violating the migration law of the country as undocumented immigrants.

California set down a controversial path when it decided to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The reasoning went that these immigrants would now be covered in case of a crash, and allow for a reduction of risk on California’s roads. One of the issues that led to the decision was the high number of hit and run accidents that occurred after an uninsured driver hit another vehicle or pedestrian.

What California is finding out quick is that this well-meaning bit of social engineering actually made the situation worse– a lot worse. Some of the illegals did get the required insurance, but many others decided not to keep the policy. The state requires all drivers to show proof of insurance when receiving a license– but not during the period afterward. It has become a very common trend for immigrants to drop insurance the day they receive their license.

Growing out of Assembly Bill 60, Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law in 2013 as one of his major accomplishments. Recently, the Fresno Bee published an editorial in which it explained that the issue with drivers sans insurance did not go away. In 2014 a half million illegals gained driver’s license under the plan. California expanded a program to allow these drivers to buy subsidized auto insurance. So far just a paltry 875 have. During a similar period, the California Highway Patrol reported 66,000 citations for drivers operating a vehicle without insurance.

In other cases, there have been high-profile crashes in which drivers will give false information to the other driver or police. This has reached near epidemic levels, with many accident causes going unsolved. It has hit many in the legal field especially hard, as it has become very difficult to take on auto accident liability cases because of these factors. The problem only compounds as those that cause such accidents drive off with little to no repercussions.

New Jersey is considering going down a similar path, local media reported. They would be well served to learn from California’s example. The disaster on California’s roads should act as a lesson, rather than a precedent for other states. Rather than being an act of compassion, the state’s activism has instead directly led to hundreds of unreported accidents and untold numbers of injuries and fatalities.

Our legislators in Sacramento have the opportunity to step up over the next several years and repeal the law allowing the licenses to be issued or put in place much stricter guidelines to check insurance. This would greatly reduce strain on drivers fearing a hit-and-run accident and allow justice to be served in and out of court.

Know The Signs Of Internal Bleeding And Seek Immediate Medical Attention

A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash

A Multi-disciplinary rescue team, consisting of paramedics, fireman and a police officer tending to the victim of a car crash

Traffic accidents can take people’s lives or make them disabled permanently. Sometimes it’s the big accidents that can result in the death of a person and at times even the smallest of the impacts can take a person’s life. People who manage to survive such accidents end up with complications in their lives. They might become disabled and could not live their lives as they used to live before the injuries. Internal bleeding is one of the serious injuries that can cause a person to become disabled or paralyzed for life. There are many other damages that internal bleeding can result in.

A person whose internal organs have started to bleed due to an accident needs immediate medical attention. At the same time, the relatives and family members of such a person should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to receive the proper compensation for the damages from the offending party.

People need to be educated on the topic of internal bleeding so they can know when their loved ones are in danger due to this problem. Here is some important information about internal bleeding.

Impacts That Can Often Cause Internal Bleeding

A car accident that results in a trauma could often cause internal bleeding in a person. However, small impacts can also cause this type of bleeding so getting doctor’s immediate help is always highly recommended. Here are the common impacts that could result in internal bleeding.

  • Trauma From Blunt Force

When a blunt object hits the person with force, it can result in internal bleeding because it causes the organ of the body to become compressed. The compression of the organ causes bleeding inside the organ. If the lining of the organ gets punctured the blood will enter the abdominal areas. In short, this is a serious type of internal bleeding that needs immediate medical attention.

  • Impacts Due To Sudden Stops

When a vehicle has an accident it comes to a stop all of a sudden. Human bodies do not have good resistance against such sudden stops. When such stops cause the brain that is floating inside the skull to hit the walls with pressure, internal bleeding could be the result. Internal bleeding in the skull or brain is considered serious damage and needs to be addressed with utmost promptness to avoid any permanent damages to the person.

  • Injury Caused By Medication

People who take a lot of medicines or who have to take a strong medicine that has strong side effects can end up with bleeding internal organs. Such side effects of medication can arise when the doctor diagnoses the patient for a wrong condition and the patient ends up having wrong medicine.

How Would You Know Internal Bleeding Has Occurred

A person is having internal bleeding will show several signs. However, these signs can be different in different people because the conditions that resulted in internal bleeding are different for different people.

Most commonly noticed signs of internal bleeding are as follows:

  • Clammy skin can be a sign of internal bleeding. It might be coupled with sudden drop in blood pressure. The pulse will also increase by a great degree.
  • Sometimes you will notice bruises on the skin of the person who had an accident. These bruises are clear on the skin because the blood travels from inside to against the outer most layers of the skin.
  • Feelings of dizziness are also signs of internal bleeding. This dizziness is often felt when a person stands up.
  • Bleeding from nose and ears is also a big sign of internal bleeding taking place in a person.
  • If an area of the body is looking inflamed and the person can feel pain upon touching, this could be a sign of internal bleeding too.

When internal bleeding takes place it takes the toll on other parts of the body as well. Brain and eyes are the organs that get affected by internal bleeding a lot.

If you or someone you know has internal bleeding, then the effects on the brain would be something like:

  • Seizures
  • One side of the body might start to feel weak and numb
  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Nauseating sensation
  • Coma
  • Noticeable slur while speaking
  • Fainting

When internal bleeding takes its toll on eyes the symptoms are as follows:

  • The person might completely lose his/her eyesight.
  • The vision is blurred, smoky or hazy.
  • The person will notice floating objects in the vision while looking at things.

How Will You Treat Internal Bleeding?

First, if you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above it is highly recommended that you take the patient to the doctor as soon possible. If possible, the doctors will try to fix the problem using pills and tablets. However, the damage can be severe at times and any ruptures, punctures and compressions that can’t be taken care of with conventional methods are repaired through surgery.

Getting Law On Your Side

It does not matter how big or small the accident was that caused internal bleeding in your body or in the body of someone you know. If internal bleeding is taking place, you will have to visit a doctor, get surgery, stay at the hospital and spend thousands of dollars to get the treatment. That’s where the law and lawyers come in.

They provide you the legal representation that you need in order to obtain full compensation of the damages done to you. Lawyers can help you in ways you might not have imagined. If you live in Los Angeles California and have had such a case, knock on the door of Ehline Law Firm PC.

This is the law firm where you are represented by lawyers who have spent decades in the field helping people get justice for the damages done to them. They specialize not only in car accidents but virtually any imaginable type of accident that can take place on a road.

They will assist you to the end so not only will you receive financial compensation for your medical expenses but you will also receive full compensation for mental agony, physical pain and loss of income.

Aging & The Erosion of Rights in the Modern Nursing Home

New methods used by doctors like this to care for brains

Doctors finally have a chance to treat brain injury.

People are becoming more and more aware of their constitutional rights but it seems that many institutions are still relying on pressurizing people into quitting their constitutional rights. There could not be a better example than today’s nursing homes that are using fine prints that contain clauses that completely take away the basic constitutional rights of the elderly and their families.

First, the whole process of admitting an elderly into the nursing home is quite pressuring. On top of that, you have to sign the clause that prevents you from going to court. Exactly when do these nursing homes not want you to go to court?

When the elderly people living in these homes are physically hurt, sexually abused, seriously injured or neglected when they need care the most. That’s as inhumane as it could get. It is quite shocking to see such clauses included in the fine prints since it merely shows that the nursing homes are not as serious about their primary business as they are about saving themselves when they do something wrong. Not to mention the fact that families are ostensibly forced to sign the documents because they are under such immense pressure at the time of admission.

It is naturally expected from nursing homes that they will keep the elderly in need in proper conditions where they are attended to when they are in need, but such clause in the fine print shows another face of the institutions. There is now a petition available for public to sign to put a ban on nursing homes for putting this clause on the fine print.

This is the only way for families to save their elderly loved ones and their constitutional rights. Otherwise, things will continue to go wrong and no one will be able to go to court to get justice.
Named forced arbitration clause, this particular clause on the fine print does not give the admitted elderly people or their family the right to go to court if the nursing home provides poor care.

Instead of going to the court these families are given the only option of going to private courts. These courts are picked by the industry itself and these arbitration firms don’t allow you any appeals. You can’t even know a thing about their working because the transparency and accountability are close to zero in these courts.

These nursing homes are run through the funds from the public. CMS, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has taken a step forward to put an end to this clause. The CMS has the authority to ask the nursing homes to remove this clause from their fine prints if they want to receive funds from the public.

CMS will also give the rights back to the elderly people and their families by allowing them to choose their method of arbitration after a dispute takes place. This way the family can decide how and where they want to fight their case. Such an act from CMS will put an end to the practice from nursing homes of forcing the victims into fighting their case within a system that they have designed.

These people cannot get any justice from an independent court because they are shown the signatures they had put on the fine print that compels them to use the private courts designated by the nursing home industry. It can be quite difficult for people to file their claims against facilities that are actually meant to provide protection to their loved ones in the final years of their lives.

However, it is now the responsibility of the public to strengthen the nursing homes by getting rid of a system that focuses more on depriving people of their rights and less on taking care of its primary task. More and more people are now being asked to sign the petition and send a message to the federal offices to put a ban on these force arbitration clauses.

It is also hoped that caretakers in these facilities will continue to provide good care to the elderly people admitted there. If they are not interested in caring for the old people, they should be replaced by those who are.

New Law Supposedly Keeps People Safe From Pot Smokers

Ehline Law Griffin Logo

The Griffin logo of Ehline Law Firm PC Los Angeles.

Stoner alert. California recently undertook a major overhaul of its medical marijuana laws. The state legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, or MMRSA, recently signed into law. The MMRSA intends to build a degree of standardization to what has often been a haphazard process of providing cannabis for patients.

Big Changes Coming for Stoners and Pot Users

As reported by the San Francisco Gate, the changes are likely to result in large changes. With the bill signed into law by Governor Brown, the move was praised by union leaders and marijuana legalization advocates. Some see it as a step towards total legalization in the impending referendum next year.

  • State to License Marijuana Growers

Within three years the state will begin issuing licensing to legal marijuana growers, supposedly leading to a clear trace for most of the drug introduced in the state. Of course civil libertarians would argue that the state is merely creating a new underground economy for forcing people to get permission for something that is their right of birth.

Statists and those who believe in unfettered Orwellian government would argue that with the marijuana now under the same standard, and growers inspected by the state, the quality of it should increase and chances of weaker or accidentally poisoned cannabis should decrease. When is the last time you smoked “poisoned cannabis?” Anyways, we can see where this is headed. The state is getting into the pot business.

Politicians Claim New Marijuana Law Makes Roads Safer

These changes should also lead to a safer drive on California’s motorways. Having a common level of THC in the drug and knowing where it came from should make it generally safer. In addition, it will provide a boost for law enforcement to be able to track down drivers under the influence.

California’s already trailblazed with new techniques to discover if a driver has taken drugs before getting behind the wheel. If this aspect was expanded with better checks and a readily accessible database of who should– and should not have access, drivers operating under the influence should fall.

  • Utopian Goals Bolstered by Force of Government Rarely Are Worth-wile

Any actions that take unsafe drivers off the road and save lives is a worthwhile goal. However, taking away civil liberties and justifying unconstitutional stops and checks of drivers is where laws like this usually lead. There is ample debate about whether or not the full recreational legalization of marijuana will also make roads safer.

The argument should really be about why government even has the power to regulate anything that is already a right of birth. Examples of the government interfering in a right that they have no power under the law to interfere with, is the banning and restrictions upon small arms used for common defense of self and nation.  Such small arms have been used by individuals for self defense and for use as ordinary militia since forever.

This all changed when American courts became packed with increasingly activist left wing judges of the 1940’s up to now, who feel the Constitution and things like “unalienable rights” are ideas of an antiquated past. The jury is still out about that, but recent experiences in Colorado and Washington should help build a case study that courts are willing accomplices in restricting rights that the Bil of Rights specifically forbade government from infringing upon to begin with, which should give us all pause for thought.

California, in particular is known for its zealous over-regulation, mob rules voter initiates, and for scaring away businesses and gun owners. The Golden State may have gotten it just right in this case, but it is hard to see how more laws in an already over-regulated state equals better conditions for the non political class. Either way, if you smoke weed, be careful about driving.

An overzealous cop may come up with a reason to pull you over and test you. If the test shows THC, you may have some serious issues and big expenses ahead. And if you keep voting for politicians who say they will legalize or restrict that which they were never granted power to do ab-initio, consider that you may be electing a tyrant and not a legislator.

The Delicate Brain Stem

Color chart of stem of human brain

Schematic of brain stem

Damage to any part of brain can have severe effects on the future of the injured. This is especially the case when the fragile brain stem is hurt. This vital piece of the brain is located where the spinal cord meets the rest of the brain. Importantly, it controls voluntary functions, such as fine motor control and facial muscles. The brain stem also controls needed involuntary functions, including a person’s heartbeat, digestion, and breathing. Due to the stem’s role as the main passage between the cerebral cortex and the body, these injuries are often debilitating and life threatening.

Composition of the Human Brain Stem and Damage Outcomes

The brain stem is made up of several parts. These include the pons, medulla oblongata, and the midbrain. Injuries to any of these areas can affect the rest of the body. Damage due to swelling or similar injury could lead to severe blood issues, including stroke or hemorrhaging. This could then lad to long term issues, including issues with motor control, breathing, or even speaking.

In other cases, such damage can cause severe shifts in personality or even loss of memory. Furthermore, brain stem damage can lead to fainting, coma, and in some cases paralysis. Some brain stem injury victims have been bedridden or in comas for the remainder of their lives. There are also long term issues caused by such damage that can lead to sudden death.

  • Trends in Treating Brain Stem Injuries

Modern science has made strides to treat such injuries, but is still decades away from effective treatment. Common causes of such an injury include car and motorcycle accidents. There can also be similar injuries due to high falls and work accidents. These injuries can be especially severe and more likely for children. Brain stem injuries have also been the results of contact sports such as football, skateboarding, and horseback riding.

  • All Brain Injuries Carry Risk

No matter what the cause, the effects are almost always severe. Most that suffer from brain stem injuries have long periods of therapy and hospital care. Such care is specialized and expensive and can bankrupt a family. Such injuries can also lead to unexpected deaths and add an additional burden to the family. Those that suffer these accidents are often left out of work and their family is unable to make up for their income.

When faced with such an accident, it is important to have the finest in medical and legal help. Ehline Law has handled hundreds of similar cases, assisting victims of brain injury and their families get through this trying time. We can negotiate or challenge insurance companies that refuse to honor their policies. We can face off with reckless drivers or employers that caused the accident in question.

We can work with medical professionals to seek the best care. We work with professionals to recreate the scene of the event to determine who is responsible. We can help sign up the victim or their families for death benefits, unemployment insurance, disability, worker’s comp, or other programs needed to help through this difficulty.

Ehline Law’s offices up and down Southern California are always ready to hear from you. We accept calls and emails 24/7 and are looking forward to determining how we can help you. We are available for a free, no-pressure consultation and to discuss your options. We are happy to come visit anywhere in California to discuss the case. We work on contingency, and don’t ask for a penny unless we recover for you. Contact us for more information.

Children Can Rarely Be “Too Safe”

Map of Golden State

Sliver shot of California Map

We can never take our children’s safety too seriously. Many schools have undertaken important steps to ensure safety in and out of the school building. However, certain steps can be taken in order to further improve the safety condition for our young ones. Parents and those involved in school districts are able to take part in such an effort.

Easy Steps Schools Can Take to Make Street Crossing Safer

For example, there are several steps that can be taken in and around school crossing zones. Sometimes the reduced speed limit near the zones are not enough. Proper police enforcement is a valuable component that will ensure that speeding problems are reduced. The school can also help reduce this through the use of radar control signs. These visible signs are quickly noticed by drivers and often heeded. These signed, when equipped with cameras, can further reduce instances of speeding in these zones.

  • Lobbying Caltrans?

Furthermore, the school can work with parents in lobbying Caltrans to improve signage and lighting near the zones. By placing reduced speed signs in proper and visible spaces coming up to either side of the crosswalk, safety will increase significantly. In addition, bright lighting on the crosswalk can further improve the situation, especially during sunset. When equipped with a solar panel and battery, these lights can be used during all times, including during blackouts. Flashing lights can also alert drivers of the school crossing zone and give them a greater area in which to slow down.

  • Direct Parental Action

Parents can also work with the school in order to volunteer to help students cross the street. Presentations can help teach students proper crossing etiquette and make them more mindful of their surroundings. These life lessons will stick with these young people for a long time and make them safer in many situations. Furthermore, volunteers can become walking school bus volunteers, to make sure that students are able to get back and forth from school properly.

Far too many fatal accidents including pedestrians and cars are those involving children. Due to the fragile nature of kids’ bodies, the best way to avoid serious injury or death is by avoiding collisions altogether. Help take these important steps in order to help the next generation become the one that we all hope they will be.

Can I Get Paid for Re-Injury Claims in California?

Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box

Pain in back. Young man holding hand on his back and expressing negativity while leaning at the cardboard box

There are situations where clients have suffered a back or neck injury in a collision and have valid concerns about filing a claim, since they have had a prior injury in that area of the body. They are concerned how the prior injury will affect their current claim and the ability to recover financial compensation for the injury they recently sustained.  In law school we are taught about the eggshell skull theory of recovery, where you take your victim as you find him. Yet, defense attorneys will always argue the injury was pre-existing to escape paying. So how do states deal with this?

California law is written in a manner that recognizes aggravation of preexisting conditions and the ability to recover damages for the new harm suffered. Ehline Law Firm PC when quarried by potential clients with their concerns about prior injury to the same area of the body that was recently reinjured our legal professionals explain that California law does indeed address this issue and the person causing harm can be held responsible for the damages.

The damages that may be recovered include those resulting from a preexisting physical condition that has been aggravated by the current harm done. Cited cases of recovering with preexisting conditions includes Hastie v. Handeland (1969) 274 Cal.App.2d 599, 604 [79 Cal.Rptr. 268]. Under current California law, the plaintiff may recover compensation to the full extent that the individual’s condition has worsened:

“as a result of defendant’s tortious act.”

Proving the Collision Resulted in Making Prior Injuries Worse

After a collision happens and a prior injury become worse due to the harm suffered in the current accident, once the claim has been filed it is essential to collect evidence to support the claim of re-injury or worsening of a preexisting condition.

First Hand Information

First hand information comes from the person who was harmed by documenting pain complaints on a pain scale of 1 through 10. It is possible with the preexisting condition the condition was monitored by a treating physician and or therapy. This can be documented proof for the pain and condition associated with the prior injury and healing.

The first injury may have been considered a 2 on the pain scale, but the aggravating injury could now be considered an 8 on the pain scale. This documentation can be used to show the increase in pain due to the current crash and the aggravation of the preexisting condition. Another form of evidence that can be used is the client keeping a journal of their condition before the accident and after including the activities they were able to perform and now have difficulty.

This could include work and home upkeep activities that could be preformed even with the first injury, but now with a second injury to the same location it is difficult or impossible to continue with these activities. To be successful it is crucial to have evidence of the condition before and after the crash.

  • Statements

Statements from family, friends and co-workers can be used, since these are people that are involved in the individual’s daily routine and activities who can state how the crash has negatively affected the victim’s life. Co-workers in this situation are considered unbiased and have no interest in the successes of the case, which makes them important in proving the current damages. These are people that know what limitations you had prior to the accident and how the crash has limited your functioning in the workplace, such as being able to stand during working hours, but now the individual can only stand for 30 minutes before requiring sitting.

  • Experts

Expert testimony can help to bolster the case with testimony from the treating physician and the doctor providing all records from the prior injury and the new crash. This professional even if they did not treat the first injury can review the medical records and can testify how the current harm has affected your condition for the worse. Testimony by a radiologist can testify how tests such as MRI’s have changed from before the accident and after the new harm was sustained.

Legal Help

Ehline Law Firm PC attorneys know that a large percentage of people have suffered some type of injury in the past. Then when involved in a car accident, slip and fall or other mishap due to someone else’s negligence it is possible to aggravate the old injury. This is when you need a lawyer who is well-known for their expertise in litigating claims with preexisting conditions.

Ehline Law Firm PC has the litigation experience, the resources and knowledge required to gather essential evidence and provide quality legal representation to have the best possible outcome with your case. Contact the law firm toll-free at 1888-400-9721 for a free consultation to discuss your accident case with a preexisting condition.

Attorney Marty Singer and Bill Cosby Part Ways in Sex Abuse Case

3d render of a collection of law books

3d render of a collection of law books

Growing up as a Gen Xer, there were few times while watching Saturday morning cartoons that I did not see a Jello pudding TV commercial, or hear a Bill Cosby record while flying on airplanes to visit my separated father as he was building Denny’s Restaurants nationwide. This guy, Bill Cosby, was the “black” man. He went into TV and acting and really was a superstar even though supposedly American’s were all “racists.”

Now it seems his star has fallen as the result of allegations of a history of drugging and raping girl actresses and extras. As a lawyer, I know a bit about attorney-client conflicts, and since Cosby is still near and dear to me as a hero of my youth, I wanted to make some sense of this recent revelation that he tossed his legal counsel helping him in this onslaught of allegations, many coming over 20 years after the alleged rapes and assaults of Gloria Alred and company.

Cosby and Singer Part Ways

Tuesday attorney Marty Singer said he could not discuss that he will no longer be representing actor comedian Bill Cosby in the sexual abuse lawsuit. Singer said it was a matter of lawyer/ client privilege and he agreed to a substitute of attorney and signed the court papers. Singer stated he is happy to assist in the transition to the lawyers who will represent Cosby. Singer was representing Cosby in his defense in a lawsuit brought by Judy Huth, who alleges the actor molested her at the Playboy Mansion in 1974 when she was 15 years old.

My experience has been that when there is strong evidence and the client still won’t settle, often times the lawyer will beg leave of court if the client will not consent. I cannot say without a doubt that took place here, but it does not look good either way to a potential jury, even if they say they know nothing about it in voire dire.

Huth is being represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who deposed Cosby and said she would seek a second deposition. After the deposition by Allred about the molestation allegations at the Playboy Mansion, Cosby parted ways with the highly esteemed Los Angeles law firm Quinn Emanual Urquhart & Sullivan known for aggressively defending clients and employing former federal prosecutors including Christopher Tayback. Tayback the son of late actor Vic Tayback is a former federal prosecutor Los Angeles County prosecutor.

Court papers state Cosby has replaced Martin D. Singer and Washington D.C. attorney Monique Pressely has confirmed Singer will no longer be representing Cosby in cases in California. Singer has defended Cosby both legally and with the media including accusing some of the approximately 50 women accusing the comedian of sexually molestation or abuse. Allred is a pit-bull so to me, it really looks like she has something that is damning and yet, Cosby still wants to fight it against the wishes of experienced counsel. I can only hypothesize.

Attorney Singer is a Superstar Lawyer in His Own Right

Singers clients have included clients like former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Allred said on Tuesday “Mr. Cosby has decided to hire 700 lawyers to fight one woman” and while attorney Singer has represented Mr. Cosby from the beginning of the Judy Huth case until now Allred said she looks forward to continuing the legal battle on behalf of her client Ms. Huth and this will not change the “vigorous advocacy on her behalf.”

Allred said Huth’s deposition had been delayed and the contents of Cosby’s deposition lasted seven hours and will not be made public until at least December 22 after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Craig D. Karlen overseeing the Huth lawsuit reviews the transcript. Each side will be permitted to argue then about whether anything or how much of the deposition will be made public.

Cosby accused of sexually molesting or abusing approximately 50 women over four decades is facing at least six lawsuits claiming sexual abuse or defamation that are currently being litigated. Los Angeles prosecutors are reviewing at least one of the allegations against Crosby. Singer attempted to have the Huth lawsuit thrown out on the basis the lawsuit incorrectly named Crosby, using California rules governing older cases that prohibit the action. Judge Karlen was not convinced and did not throw the lawsuit out.

Huth alleges in her lawsuit that in 1974 her and a friend were in San Marino’s Lacy Park where Crosby was working on a movie set. Huth alleges Crosby approached the teenagers and invited them to sit in the director’s chair and asked their age. Crosby invited the girls for the following Saturday to his tennis club. The girls met him at the club and then followed him to his house where he gave them alcohol and played billiards with Huth.

Huth claims she was required to drink a beer every time Crosby won a game. The girls then followed Crosby to the Playboy Mansion where Cosby told the girls if asked to say they were 19. Huth states in the lawsuit that at one point she used a bathroom at the Playboy Mansion and emerged to find Crosby sitting on a bed and asked her to sit beside him. He then allegedly attempted to put his hand down her pants and then took her hand to perform a sexual act on himself without her consent.

Attorneys for Cosby stated Huth attempted at one point to sell her story to the National Enquirer and that the story is “absolutely false.” His legal counsel also said Huth attempted to get up to $250,000 in a settlement from Cosby with another attorney. I bet Allred wants a lot more now! Huth’s lawsuit was filed in December and is the first major lawsuit against the actor since being sued by Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee in 2005. Cosby after being deposed there was an out of court settlement for an undisclosed amount. Cosby has denied the allegations in the Huth lawsuit.

Attorneys for Cosby have argued Allred who represents 26 of the women alleging they were sexually abused by Cosby over decades as using the case for public attention. In many of the alleged victims claim Cosby drugged them prior to the nonconsensual sex acts. I know that as a lawyer sometimes clients have a different view of how to tactically handle a matter, and that oftentimes lawyers disagree with the overall strategy the client wants.

Ethics and confidentiality require the attorney to remain tight lipped about any reasons for the termination of representation. One thing is certain, the public never looks at it as a good thing when there is a severance of relationship in the middle of a hotly contested public controversy.  I will continue following this media circus and try and help people understand the legal and ethical ramifications of issues like this in the news.

TBI Means Only the Good Die Young?

Human Brain Handcuffed

human brain with arms, legs and handcuffs on hands

The consequences of traumatic brain injuries, specifically the severe ones, can be long lasting. People can lose their cognitive abilities, start facing challenges with emotions and develop many physical damages after having a severe traumatic brain injury. However, not even the professionals from the medical field were aware of the fact until recently that slight concussions could also cause long term effects on the lives of the people. It has now been known that these little blows to the head can cause long term damages that can remain invisible for the life of the person who incurred brain injury.

The damages caused by traumatic brain injury are not just related to emotions, physical challenges and cognitive abilities of a person. A severe TBI will always come as a huge financial blow to the receiver. However, when there is another party involved in the incident that caused TBI, the injured person has full entitlement to receive compensation from the negligent party.

Of course, physical and emotional loss can’t be repaired but financial loss can be compensated for. If you have taken the pain of a traumatic brain injury or someone you love has, get in touch with Ehline Law Firm PC right now to receive full compensation of your loss.

There have been several studies conducted for the objective of knowing the consequences of traumatic brain injuries. Two of the most mentionable ones are as under:

  • Brain Makes You Age Faster After TBI

Neurological imaging is often used by professionals from the medical field to find out the age of their patients. They examine the state of the brain and this tells them the age of the person. However, a recent study that involved people who had received brain injury at some point in their lives and those who had never received one tricked the medical professionals. The individuals with brain injuries taking part in the study had received injuries in automobile accidents, sports etc.

Images of the brains of all participants were presented to the medical professionals who then had to estimate their age based on their scans. When the professionals were presented with scans of people with intact brains, they predicted their ages easily as they do normally. However, they were not able to do so when they were given the scans of people with TBIs. When white and gray matter of the brain was examined it was found out that the ages of these injured individuals were predicted to be more than their actual ages.

In most cases, the medical professionals were predicting the age of the injured individuals to be nearly 4 years more than the actual ages. When brain atrophy was measured it was found out that their brains deteriorated more when the injuries were severe. Brains of the people with severe injuries looked much older than the brains of the people with less severe TBIs. In a nutshell, this damage to the brain remains mostly unseen in most traumatic brain injury cases.

  • Life Span Can Become Smaller

Journal of Neurology hosted another recent study conducted for the same purposes in which there were a total of 2428 individuals with less severe traumatic brain injuries. Another group consisted of people whose brains were intact.

After the study was conducted it was found out that:

  • Multiple traumatic brain injuries could shorten the life of a person.
  • A 1.4 times higher likelihood of dying was noticed in people with head injuries compared to those with no injuries at all.
  • People who received traumatic brain injuries were prone to dying within 15 years of their injury as opposed to people with intact brains.
  • People who had traumatic brain injuries and are between 15 and 54 years of age are likely to die with a 4.2 times higher likelihood as compared to individuals who don’t have any TBIs.

From this study we can conclude that people who have received traumatic brain injuries have higher chances of dying early than their healthy fellow beings. Furthermore, it is quite alarming that people who are younger i.e. between the age of 15 and 54, have higher chances of dying early when they have received traumatic brain injuries. The case remains the same for severe and mild traumatic brain injuries. What this means is that if you are a sportsman who plays any sport like football, hockey or boxing, you are putting your life in danger even with minor blows to the head.

The doctors have to make sure that they don’t merely rely on regular brain tests and proclaim a patient of traumatic brain injury safe. They must go for deeper scans of the brains of individuals who have received even minor head injuries. This can prove to be greatly helpful for those who are fighting personal injury cases to receive compensation.

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