Know Your Rights After a Car Accident

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In cases like these it is important to have an Irvine car accident lawyer, because the damages can often be a significant amount that is not covered under the motorists insurance policy and the claim complicated. Even minor vehicle accident claims can be complicated and if they are not settled fairly with the insurance company the average driver does not have knowledge of how to protect their rights.

Forced Purchases of Auto Technology – Business as Usual For DC

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When congressional mandate was given NHTSA and Department of Transportation constantly worked in such a way that the decision to make rearview cameras compulsory was delayed. Groups working for public have taken strict notice of this and have now gone on to sue both the institutes for delaying the decisions.

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The Role of a Car Accident Reconstructionist After a Crash

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Such a role can be seen on the national level with the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner crash. Jenner decided to hire an accident reconstructionist to determine whether or not he was at fault for a fatal accident earlier in 2015. This was reported by Radar Online and other sources and serve to further show the importance of such professionals.

The Role of a Life Care Planner After a Severe Injury

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An attorney specialized in personal injury, such as Michael Ehline, can assist you in rebuilding your life. He will be able to use his team of experienced professionals and outside experts to ensure that you get the care and attention you need. Ehline will be able to work with a life care planner to help determine what you need to get your life back.

Fruit & Vegetable Caused Slip & Trip Injuries in Supermarket

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Michael Ehline is specialized in personal injury and trip and fall accidents. A disabled former Marine, he understands the pain of severe injury and how best to proceed. He’s helped hundreds of clients get back on their feet– in more ways than one. He can help pay for the cost of treatment, lost work, and long term expenses.

Los Angeles Faulty Sidewalk Class Action Lawsuit Information

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Los Angeles doesn’t exactly have the reputation as the friendliest pedestrian city in the country. Between intense traffic, car culture, and pedestrian tickets, many people decide to take public transportation or just drive to work rather than walk. The interesting situation appears to be highlighted by a recent class action lawsuit intended to challenge the […]

TIPM Caused Car Accident Information

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The USA Today reported that federal investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have been searching for information regarding the issue. There have been indications that multiple Chrysler vehicles, including the Dodge Grand Caravan, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler 300, Dodge Durango, and others from about 2008-2012 have been involved in such problems. Multiple accident have already been reported due to such errors. The NHTSA has offered a helpful guide for more information in case one of your vehicles was installed with the faulty system.

Determining Liability in Pedestrian Texting Accidents

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There are even considerable concerns about drivers texting when they should be paying attention to the road. Altogether, these issues are drivers’ worst nightmares– what happens if you strike someone that should have otherwise been paying attention?

LAPD Negligence-Caused Accidents – Identify & React Effectively

LAPD Negligence is a Real Possibility

Some of these cases are due to issues with vehicle maintenance or drivers acting irresponsibly. No matter what the case, if the department has done something that made the public unsafe, it should be remedied.