Car Accidents And Not Guns Increasing Yearly Fatalities and Reducing the U.S. Life Expectancy

The National Center for Health Statistics found Americans die with about an average of two years earlier than people from other countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, the U.K, and Japan.

Driver Distraction and Car Accidents go Hand in Hand

Before getting behind the wheel stop, take a deep breath, and then decide to focus on the road Ehline said.

Bubbles and “Mobility Gap” Car Crash Bubbles?

The bubble experts believe the roads could be more dangerous with many of this generation yet to retire. So we can see that although seniors are proving to be in less vehicle wrecks, living in the suburbs will undoubtedly cause an uptick in crashes with older folks.

Older Drivers May Suffer Long-Term Pain After an Accident

Furthermore, the study also showed people with chronic pain often had less education and symptoms of depression before the accident. They compared this with crash victims without chronic pain.

Safety Technology Auto Advances

Authors from the study said when a collision happens the harm will be less because of the reduced speed from the brakes. Another thing, the data showed the driverís injury risk driving the car with the brakes is as severe as cars with older brake styles.

Some Crash Injuries Never Go Away

Furthermore, the Los Angeles lawyer says long-term injuries and side effects are not uncommon after a crash. Treatment is costly and the attorneyís job to ensure the victim can afford the treatment and operations necessary.

Time’s Changing

Even something as simple as an over the counter allergy medication, know if it causes drowsiness.

Vehicle Safety, Wrecks and Vulnerabilities of Occupants

Safety advocates and doctors who treat car crash victims believe driver distraction is avoidable. The data proves in some cases the passenger can help avoid traffic accidents seconds before they happen. This is by warning the driver of a potential collision they might not have seen.

The Personal Costs of Failing to Strap Yourself into your Motor Vehicle

Furthermore, parents act as role models. Studies show children emulate whether a parent or a seatbelt or not. The study conducted by the NHTSA the data showed children wear seat belts 94% of the time. If the parent wears their safety belt. If the driver is not wearing a safety belt. About 30% of the time children wear their belts.

Electric Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Especially in the rare case of a battery fire. This kind of car crashes or mishaps also need to an investigation. Since they are fairly new cars and could have manufacturer or design defects. They also often need expert negotiation skills to fight for the settlement you should get.