Avoiding Fourth Of July Injuries

The Ehline Law firm would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Independence Day. This is the biggest day of the summer for most people with family outings, cookouts, fireworks, boating, and travel. This is also a day of many dangers, the highways are filled with traffic, and it is one of the holidays with a large number of car accidents with motorists and passengers injured or killed. This is because drivers are often in a hurry, they are preoccupied with thoughts of the day’s events and overtired or under the influence at the end of the day. This leads to disaster on the highways for many people out to enjoy the day’s festivities. This is why you may need a Fourth of July injury law firm.


Fireworks can be especially dangerous. There can be explosions even when being careful that can lead to serious injuries and this includes when watching them at public places where the city is lighting them. The composition of the materials that make fireworks is touchy, and if they are old or have gotten damp they can react very differently than planned and can cause severe burn injuries. Fireworks are also known to cause fires every year, in which people sustain burn injuries, this can be a fire in a home, from them hitting the roof or another part of the home, it can also be fireworks that hit outside tents or pavilions. For as beautiful as fireworks are they can also lead to severe burns. Supervision and compliance with the law goes a long way in preventing the horrible outcomes of these types of issues.

Residential and Public Pools

Swimming is another part of the day for many cookouts and gatherings, this is a fun way to spend the summer holiday and can also be one where someone is injured or drowned. This is true, especially for children, while the parents mingle, talk and have a good time, their eyes are not always on the pool and swimming pool accidents occur quickly. A simple cramp from to much food, liquids and running around can cause a child or teen to be in trouble in the swimming pool without warning. There is also the wet pool area where it is easy to slip and fall especially when wearing summer shoes that usually are light and have no tread on the soles. This means falling on concrete or some other hard surface that can mean cuts, gashes and broken bones. Having a lifeguard who is not stoned or wasted is particularly important.  But parents cannot simply delegate their authority.  Parents must be there and be sober enough to react to a dangerous emergency. If not, in addition to losing a loved one, they may open themselves up to child neglect charges, and even jail.

Drinking and Driving

All the fun, food and drinks of the 4th of July is something everyone looks forward to, and it is also a holiday where just a couple of drinks with friends can mean being stopped for driving under the influence. Being stopped for driving under the influence does not mean that a driver has to be obviously intoxicated. The way the laws are set up the average sized person that has two or three drinks is legally driving under the influence and can be arrested. This can put a real damper on the holiday; it can mean being arrested, having your vehicle impounded and the possible loss of your driving privileges. In order to avoid these situations, it is important to have a sober, designated person driving and supervising activities.

Ehline Law firm personal injury attorneys hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday, but if the day turns to disaster, including an explosion, burns, fire injury, swimming, slip and fall injuries or a driving under the influence charge, we are the law firm committed to giving our clients 110 % of our attention for their case. Contact us for party time injuries that were caused by no fault of your own.

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