Weekend Orange and Los Angeles County Deadly Crashes

Orange County Imperial Highway Crash Kills One and Injures Three   Three people got injured and one person killed in a Sunday morning crash. The collision happened near 2:40 a.m. on Imperial Highway in Brea. Further, the highway’s known as State Route 90 to local residents. A police officer did come across the crash. In […]

Self-Driving Uber Cars Runs Through California Stop Lights

Uber and State Permits Uber self-driving cars reportedly ran six red lights in California. Uber for an amount of time transported customers in the state. In this case, Uber used the driverless cars in San Francisco.   In December the company announced the launch of its pilot program. In this case, public records show Uber […]

Choosing the Top-Notch and Reputable Car Accident Attorney for Your Case

  Choosing the Top-Notch and Reputable Car Accident Attorney for your Case   Auto accidents in California in fact have far reaching effects. It’s something people don’t like to face of course. Dealing with the experience includes varied emotions and physical pain. Dealing with the aftermath can be frustrating and stressful. You hope to get […]

California Rain, Rain and More Rain Dangerous for Drivers and Residents

Floods and possible mudslides creating havoc for California residents California has suffered unending rains in past weeks. The state’s experiencing another slow moving storm. Thursday and Friday the state got dumped on with rain again. The forecast amount for the weekend an expected 2 to 4 inches in Los Angeles. The foothills and mountains forecasted to […]

Studio City Sinkhole Injures One Damages Two Vehicles

Sinkhole eats cars and injuring one person   Friday night in Studio City a massive sinkhole opened. The opened hole reported of course to be 20 feet and opened at 8:00 pm. It opened up in the area of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Woodbridge Street, Los Angeles Fire Department said.   Two cars fell in […]

California King City Traffic Fatality

Sunday morning a King City collision fatal in fact for one person. The crash, in this case, happened in the area of Elm and Metz. The accident occurred on a bridge with the car hitting three pedestrians. The road in this case at the bridge had barricades. The barricades, in fact, got destroyed by the […]

Busy Traffic Collision Evening in Southern California

Orange County Multi-Vehicle Collision Shuts Down Freeway Orange County (February 1). A SigAlert issued in Orange County, California because of a collision. The multi-vehicle accident happened in the vicinity of Coll Road. The vehicles in the crash included a Toyota Sienna minivan. A black Volkswagen SD and another car involved in the crash too. The […]

Pokémon Go the Dangerous App

The app responsible for numerous auto accidents The app gained appeal with kids, teenagers and adults using Pokémon Go. Los Angeles and Southern California did have reports of driver mishaps. Since drivers watch the app as they drive too. Because Pokémon Go has Pokémon or Pokestops the objects of the game. These, in fact, must […]